Navigating Canvas eBooks

Your Guide to Affordable and Accessible Textbooks at EWU

January 5, 2024

Are you a new student at Eastern Washington University, eager to start your academic journey? One aspect of university life that often raises questions is textbooks. We’re here to provide you with valuable information about Canvas eBooks and how we at the EWU Eagle Store can help you make the most of your learning experience.

Find My Textbooks

Before you embark on your educational adventure, make sure you’re equipped with the right textbooks. We understand that navigating your course requirements can be a bit daunting, but we’ve got you covered. Our website, eaglestore.ewu.edu, is your go-to resource for all the textbooks you’ll need. Just choose “Textbooks”  > “Find My Textbooks,” and you’ll find a list of required materials for your courses. However, if you see a message saying, “We do not currently have book information”… don’t fret. It means the instructor hasn’t provided the information yet, and you may need to reach out to them.

Canvas eBooks are easy to use

 Canvas eBooks are a valuable tool for your learning experience. Handpicked by instructors, Canvas eBooks give you the ability to highlight text, take notes and bookmark pages. Just head to the “My Textbooks” tab in Canvas, and you’ll find your Canvas eBooks ready to support your studies.

Stay Informed

We want to ensure you’re fully informed of your educational materials. Two weeks prior to the start of the quarter, you’ll receive an email from us in your student email detailing all the Canvas eBooks required for your courses, along with any associated charges that will be applied to your student account. In the email, you’ll also find a convenient link to access your Canvas eBooks. Other textbook information can be found at eaglestore.ewu.edu.

Textbook Options

 If, for any reason, you wish to opt out of a Canvas eBook, the process is straightforward. You can do so through the welcome email or directly within Canvas on the “My Textbooks” tab. Alternatively, you can send us an email before the 10th day of the quarter, and we’ll handle the opt-out process for you. You can expect a refund in your student account within a day or two.

Running Start Book Loan Scholarship

If you are a Running Start student and you qualify for the Book Loan Scholarship program, you’re in luck! When you register for your courses, we work closely with the Running Start office to ensure you receive the necessary textbooks. This means you won’t have to worry about purchasing textbooks, as they will be provided to you.

Support and Questions

At any point in your academic journey, if you have questions or concerns regarding Canvas eBooks, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can visit the Textbook office at the Eagle Store, email us at EagleStoreTextbooks@ewu.edu, or give us a call at 509-359-2826. We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Your education is a significant investment, and we want to ensure you have the tools you need for success. We may not be called the bookstore anymore, but we are still the book people!