President Cullinan Visits Olympia

Today is day 12 of the 2016 legislative session.

Yesterday, President Cullinan participated in the 2016 Greater Spokane Incorporated Olympia fly-in. We had the opportunity to hear from legislative leaders about their 2016 legislative priorities including paying for last year’s historic fire season, additional necessary investments in mental health, and continuing to identify strategies to meet the state’s McCleary obligations.

In between GSI events, President Cullinan visited with legislators to remind them of EWU’s top two priorities for this year:

  1. Make EWU whole by fully funding the state’s investment in the College Affordability Program.
  2. Thanking legislator’s for the design money for our science building and updating them on our build plans for 2017.

In addition, President Cullinan was able to spend some time with recent (and soon to be!) Eagle alums who are new staffers to members of the House of Representatives.