Spokane Transit Adds Swoop Loop

Swoop Loop Video

May 16, 2019 By David Meany
Swoop gets on an STA bus

Students hoping for more options to get around Cheney and key points around the EWU campus will now be able to hop aboard the “Swoop Loop,” a new route being offered by Spokane Transit starting May 19.

The modified loop, which will run only when EWU is in session, comes after student feedback and is designed to hit key points around the community, such as:

  • EWU PUB and campus perimeter
  • Downtown Cheney
  • Cheney Shopping Center
  • Eagle Point Apartments

Swoop Loop (#67) will join the old Cheney Loop (#68) to give students, faculty and staff numerous options around town. Remember, you can ride the bus for free with your EagleCard.

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