SRA Task Forces Selected

February 9, 2023
Picture: Top of Showalter Hall

After careful deliberation, and in consultation with Faculty Senate and union leadership, the Executive Leadership Team of EWU has chosen individuals to serve on the two task forces for the strategic resource allocation process.

It is important to remember that task force members do not represent a particular department or service. They were selected for their ability to approach their work with an institutional perspective for their evaluation and assessment of programs and university services.

On Feb. 14-16, task force members will engage in two days of training with our consultant Larry Goldstein.

The primary responsibilities of each task force will include the review of template submissions for each academic program and university service and assigning them to the appropriate category based on an overall assessment. They will also participate in the development of a final report with recommended program and function classifications. Responsibility for decisions regarding implementation of the recommendations rests with the executive leadership team.

Academic Programs Task Force

Chair: Anthony Masiello, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics

  • Mindy Breen, Professor and Dept. Chair, Dept. of Design
  • Lesli Cleveland, Professor, Dept. of Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Kate Crane, Associate Professor and Director of English Studies, Dept. of English & Philosophy
  • Kevin Decker, Professor, Dept. of English & Philosophy
  • Tara Haskins, Professor, Dept. of Education
  • Heidi Hillman, Associate Professor, School of Psychology
  • Germán Izón, Professor and Dept. Chair, Dept. of Economics
  • Kara Lopez, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
  • Camille McNeely, Professor, Dept. of Biology
  • Richard Orndorff, Professor, Dept. of Geosciences
  • Esteban Rodriguez-Marek, Professor and Dept. Chair, Dept. of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
  • Julia Smith, Professor, Dept. of History, Anthropology, Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Katie Taylor, Associate Professor, Dept. of Wellness & Movement Sciences
  • Deanna Trella, Professor and Director of Children’s Studies, School of Social Work
  • Chris Tyllia, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Fine & Performing Arts

University Services Task Force

Chair: Nina DeCamp, Public Records Manager

  • Scott Buck, Director of Facilities Services
  • Natalie Cifuentes, Senior Advisor
  • Emilie Crawford, Nursing Operations Manager
  • Kristina Guilfoyle, Director of Global Academic Programs and AUAP; Senior Lecturer, Dept. of History, Anthropology, Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Chadron Hazelbaker, Professor, Dept. of Wellness & Movement Sciences
  • Augie Hernandez, Assistant Athletic Director for Equipment Services
  • Terrance MacMullan, Professor and Dept. Chair, Dept. of English & Philosophy
  • Michael Ochi, Counseling Psychologist
  • Rocio Rangel, Director of College Assistance Migrant Program
  • Maria Reyna, Director of New Student & Family Programs
  • Tracey Rice, Library & Archives Paraprofessional
  • Michelle Schultz, Associate Director of Student Facilities
  • Sarah Strong, Undergraduate/Graduate Services Administrator (CSTEM)
  • Maria Szep, Program Support Supervisor (Psychology)
  • Mark Ward, Management Analyst (Records & Registration)

For more information, please visit the SRA website.