Student Engagement Contributes to Resilience & Success

Some Examples of How to Get Engaged from the College of STEM

February 7, 2023

Students have many options for engagement at college – both in and outside of the classroom. Making connections and finding support systems can help students succeed in college and prepare them for the future. Having so many options can be overwhelming but picking just one can make all the difference. Here are some examples from the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Want to meet students with similar interests?

College is about more than classes. Student clubs with an academic focus offer a way to deeply engage with learning beyond the classroom. They give students a chance to apply what they’re learning to real-world situations. For instance, students in the Alternative Energy Club designed and built a stationary bicycle that powers a battery when pedaled. Students in the Cybersecurity Club compete in (and have won!) hacking competitions. The Easy Come, Easy Grow Garden Club maintains a garden on campus that grows food for the EWU community, including the EWU Food Pantries.

The 20+ STEM-related student organizations are located here: https://www.ewu.edu/cstem/student-orgs/. The full list of over 130 EWU student clubs is on the Student Engagement & Recreation website: https://inside.ewu.edu/student-engagement/clubs-organizations/ 

Want to dig deeper into a topic?

 Another example of engaging with course content outside of the classroom is undergraduate research. Students work directly with faculty members on research projects on the cutting edge of their discipline.

In the College of STEM this year alone, the following are just a sampling of the student-faculty research collaborations that are taking place:

  • A Geosciences major is studying the geochemical aspects of an electrical line that was struck by lightning near the University.
  • A Math Education major is creating acrylic paintings to show how elementary and middle school students can use art to express their mathematical learning. 
  • A group of Biology majors is assessing nitrogen content in lichen on campus as it relates to air quality. 
  • A Visual Communication Design major is researching more sustainable methods of block printing.

A key way these research partnerships develop is by students reaching out and developing relationships with faculty members.

Having trouble with a course? We can help!

Learning how to seek help is an important part of an individual’s development. It also helps build resilience. The University and individual departments offer many different kinds of resources to support students. Here are a few to help students with their courses:

  • Faculty office hours: It’s okay if you don’t understand everything in class at first. That means you’re learning! All faculty hold office hours for the courses they teach. This is a chance to get to know professors better and ask questions one-on-one. If your student is struggling with a course, encourage them to talk to their professors!
  • Math Tutoring Lab: Almost every student at EWU will need to take a math class. The Math Tutoring Lab is free to students (funded by course fees). They offer in-person tutoring on the Cheney campus, in the Catalyst Building in Spokane, and virtually via Zoom. More info here: https://www.ewu.edu/cstem/mathematics/tutoring/ 
  • JFK Library: The library offers a variety of services to the campus community. They have equipment for checkout, a writers’ center, a computer lab, printers, and more! Their website provides all the details: https://www.ewu.edu/library/ 
  • PLUS (Program Leading to University Success): PLUS is a program run by the University to support classes with difficult content. It offers peer-assisted tutoring and coaching. Their services are free to EWU students. Learn more here: https://inside.ewu.edu/plus/ 


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