Student Success at EWU

January 24, 2017
Photo: Students sitting at commencement with decorated graduation caps

President Cullinan is in Olympia today meeting with legislators and taking about student success. Below is a guest post from her on the Graduation Project at EWU and many of the new initiatives EWU is pursuing to ensure every student is successful.

This past spring, we graduated 3,000 students. One of the joys of university life includes welcoming students each fall and applauding students’ success each spring.

Eastern Washington University leadership and campus constituencies—faculty, staff, students, alumni, community partners—form a team that maintains unwavering focus on our mission: transforming students’ lives through learning.

As we look back over 130 years, it’s hard even to imagine the changes Eastern has experienced. Yet, through all the changes, we have proudly maintained a powerful focus on our students’ success.

We have now launched the EWU Graduation Project. Laser-focused on helping students finish their degrees, this initiative includes:

  • A world-class advising program that couples dynamic technology tools with high levels of personal contact to ensure all students receive effective academic advising throughout their academic journey
  • The Inspire Awesome Scholarship Campaign that is raising millions of dollars to help reduce students’ economic challenges and encourage finishing in four years.
  • An engaging and challenging first-year experience to engage students and help them decide on academic and career paths.
  • Development of a Multicultural Center and student support staff to provide additional resources for first-generation, at-risk, and diverse students.

In higher education, we enjoy several new beginnings every year: the start of a new academic year in September, the start of each new academic term, the start of a new calendar year in January, the start of a new fiscal year in July. Each new launch gives us an opportunity to review where we’ve been, to set short- and long-term goals, and to chart our progress. Each beginning also gives us an opportunity to thank all the amazing people who help move our university forward and contribute to our students’ success.

Now, in 2017, as we make progress on the Graduation Project, we continue every day to transform students’ lives through learning.

I hope that everyone reading this knows how much your support of EWU and our students is appreciated. Your love for this university and your commitment to our mission inspires everyone who works and studies at Eastern Washington University.

Thank you. And best wishes for many happy new beginnings.

Mary Cullinan

President, EWU