Summer Recap

September 13, 2019
Rolling hills of the Palouse Prairie behind campus

What a busy and productive summer traveling and visiting with legislators throughout the state. Since the end of the legislative session in May, I have met with many members and am consistently impressed with the quality of our legislators. It is always interesting to learn how they became interested in the political process and what they may be working on in the upcoming legislative session. I also very much enjoy learning about their hobbies and interests outside of the legislative process.

I’ve been focusing on four main topics during these legislative meetings, depending on the legislators’ committee assignments and length of time in the legislature. They include:

  • Explaining the exciting but challenging times universities face in their operating budgets
  • Informing on the important capital budget needs we will be requesting in the 2021 session
  • providing reminders of several policy bills that are important to Eastern
  • Introducing EWU to newly elected officials

We always thank legislators for their public service and emphasize how Eastern Washington University is a regionally focused institution making important contributions statewide.

David Buri
Director of Government Relations
Office of the President