‘Swoop’s Corner’ a Find for Bargain Hunters

This winter the Eagle Store will introduce a thrift shop style section.

EWU is jumping on the thrift bandwagon to provide affordable clothing and actively support sustainability.

Swoop’s Corner will be a section inside the Eagle Store where gently used Eagle Gear is sold. The Eagle Store is currently buying merchandise for Swoop’s Corner, and it is scheduled to open for purchases early in the new year..

The goal, for now, says Elly Sears, Eagle Store marketing coordinator, is to build an inventory with a wide selection of clothing before they start putting Swoop’s Corner merchandise on the sales floor.

“Swoop’s Corner is so exciting because it gives Eagles a chance to shop for gear that they may have missed out on purchasing when it was originally brought into the store. You can find amazing vintage items, or just shop a selection of EWU clothing for a more affordable price,” says Sears.

For those looking to sell, Sears says, simply bring your gently used Eagle gear to the store and employees will assess the clothing. Sellers will receive a gift card for the items the Eagle Store decides to purchase. “This is all about Eagles helping Eagles!” she says.

“Thrifting is such a big trend right now and we’re so happy to be able to offer such a unique experience to our Eastern community,” says Sears.

Bring your Eagle gear down anytime during store hours:

Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday – Closed