Winter Break Transportation: Tips & Tricks

With the Winter Break rapidly approaching, we know getting your Eagle home for the Holidays is on your mind!

December 7, 2022

With planes, trains, and automobiles, there are a variety of options to get your student where they need to be.

Uber: Although not hugely popular in Cheney, Uber could be a good option for students going somewhere local.

Cheney Uber

Taxis: There are also a few local taxi companies that could pick your student up on campus and take them where they need to go.

Local Taxi

Bus to the airport: A more reliable and cost-effective way to get to the airport could be taking the Spokane bus system. Have your student catch the 6 on campus, transfer at the West Plains Transit Center, catch the 63, and arrive at the Spokane Airport in about 40 minutes. 

Bus to Airport Link

Spokane Amtrak: The Spokane station offers a variety of destinations. 

Spokane Amtrak

Having trouble finding a ride to the Amtrak station? Have your Eagle take the 6, 66, or 661 (which leaves from EWU Eagle Station) to Riverside Bernard (Plaza Bay 7), transfer to 90 at the Valley Transit Center, and arrive at Sprague and Brown. 

Bus Route to Amtrak

Driving home for the holidays? Make sure to track weather and traffic using the WSDot updates:

WSDOT Website

Carpooling? Be sure your student knows who their ride is, if it is a reliable vehicle and that you know the names and contacts of those they are traveling with. 

If you or your student isn’t yet, make sure they sign up for EWU alerts