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Bachelor of Arts in Art History (62 Credits)

The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered with majors in studio and art history. Students may select a studio major and minor in ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture and intermedia. Students majoring in art history will be expected to complete a course in methodology, ART 398, "Introduction to Art Historical Research," and to present a written thesis prepared in ART 491, "Capstone: Senior Thesis." This is normally taken during the final or next-to-last quarter of the student's program. In addition to university language requirements, foreign language competency is highly recommended for the art history major.

The following list outlines the Bachelor of Arts degree program (studio art BA or art history BA) and other courses particular to this degree. The degree also requires the fulfillment of EWU's General Education Core Requirements (GECRs) as outlined in the General Catalog and the quarterly course announcements. The Academic Planning Handbook, available at the Registrat's Office, Sutton Hall, is a handy guide for making sure these requirements are met during your course of study at EWU. Each quarter, work closely with your advisor in planning your degree program.

What will I study?

Required Courses (29-30  Credits):

ART 107 Basic Design (5) OR ART 307 3D Design (5)
ART 213 Art in the Humanities (5)
ART 300 Drawing (5)
ART 303 Digital Art I (5)
ART 398 Seminar: Introduction to Art Historical Research (2)
ART 498 Seminar in Art History (2)
ART 491 Senior Thesis (Capstone) (5)

Select Other Courses from the Following (30 Credits):

ART 310 World Art (5)
ART 415 History of Ancient Art (5)
ART 417 History of Medieval Art (5)
ART 420 History of Renaissance Art (5)
ART 422 History of Baroque/Rococo Art (5)
ART 423 Art of the 19th Century (5)
ART 430 History of Modern Art (5)

Art History Electives (2-3 Credits):

Select additional courses in consultation with a departmental advisor.
EWU Catalog Art Program and Course Descriptions

Required program credits:        59- 60  credits
Elective credits:                               2- 3  credits
Total credits for above major:           62  credits

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