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Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (75 credits)

The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered with majors in studio art and art history. Studio art students may select a major and minor in ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture and digital media.

Students majoring in any Art Department degree program should declare their major by the time they reach junior standing in order to register for classes.  Once your are ready to declare your major it is important that you get assigned an Art Department Advisor.  To be assinged an advisor go to the main Art Department Office, 140 Art Building.  The advisor will fill out the major declaration form with you, as well as advise you in your chosen major.  According to the Office of the Registrar, it is best to declare your major within the first nine days of the quarter you plan to declare in order for the major to show up on your student records that quarter.

Students enrolled in the BA in studio art program may apply to the BFA in studio art program by submitting a portfolio of work to the Art Department for consideration during the spring quarter and before their final full year of study at EWU. BFA in studio art requirements. BA majors in studio art must complete ART 490, "Senior Capstone: Professional Practices" in addition to one year of university foreign language requirements.

The following list outlines the Bachelor of Arts degree program and other courses particular to this degree. The degree also requires the fulfillment of EWU's General Education Core Requirements (GECRs) as outlined in the General Catalog and the quarterly course announcements. The Academic Planning Handbook, available at the Registrar's Office in Sutton Hall, is a handy guide for making sure these requirements are met during your course of study at EWU. Work closely with your advisor in planning your degree program.

What will I study?

 BA Studio Art (75 total credits)

Required Courses (35 Credits):
ART 107 Basic Design (5) OR ART 307 Design (5)
ART 213 Art in the Humanities (5)
ART 300 Drawing (5)
ART 303 Digital Art I (5)
ART 400 Advanced Drawing (5) OR ART 401 Life Drawing (5)
ART 155 Beginning Painting (5) OR ART 355 Painting (5)
ART 490 Capstone Professional Practices (5)

Select two of the following (10 Credits):
ART 310 World Art (5)
ART 415 History of Ancient Art (5)
ART 417 History of Medieval Art (5)
ART 420 History of Renaissance Art (5)
ART 422 History of Baroque/Rococo Art (5)
ART 423 Art of the 19th Century (5)
ART 430 History of Modern Art (5)
ART 431 History of Contemporary Art

Studio Disciplines (20 Credits):
Select Additional art courses in consultation with department advisor.
EWU Art Programs and Course Descriptions

Required program credits           45 credits
Studio discipline credits              20 credits
Elective credits                            10 credits
Total credits                                 75 credits

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