Pre-Nursing at EWU

Become a registered nurse, nurse manager or supervisor, community health advocate, medical case manager, school nurse and more.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Nursing students start with prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, human development, statistics, and nutrition at their parent institution, either EWU, Whitworth, or WSU. Once admitted to the BSN program, specialized coursework can include: pathophysiology/pharmacology, health assessment, gerontology, childbearing health, psychiatric/mental health care nursing, leadership/management, acute/chronic care nursing, and much more.

Preparation for BS Nursing Prerequisite Courses

Are encouraged to take biology, chemistry and math courses (algebra or higher) during their junior and senior years to prepare for the BSN prerequisite courses.

Should consult the EWU Transfer Guide to see how courses taken at other schools may meet the BSN program prerequisites and undergraduate degree requirements.

MTHD 104 (Intermediate Algebra or its equivalent) is a prerequisite to both CHEM 161 (General Chemistry for the Health Sciences) and CSBS 320 (Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences) at EWU.

Freshmen and those transferring without a math course are strongly encouraged to take the APTP Mathematics Placement Test prior to meeting with an academic advisor and registering at EWU. Students transferring with a successfully completed math course (minimum grade of 2.0) should consult with their academic advisor about their math placement.

All students considering the BSN program are encouraged to apply for admission to EWU well in advance of the quarter they plan to start classes.

Students will gain experience from a broad variety of environments, including health care facilities, summer camps, and CNA experience (Certified Nursing Assistant) to name a few. It is recommended students start earning hours early in the pre-nursing phase over a period of about three years including summers prior to application. Hours must be completed at the time of application, beginning the Fall applicant pool.

Prerequisite Courses

The Anatomy/Physiology series. Biology, chemistry and statistics courses used as BSN program prerequisites should be no more than 5 years old at the time of application. This helps to ensure that students are well prepared to begin the upper-division nursing courses.

  • BIOL 232, 233, 234 and 235
  • CHEM 161, 162, 163 and 163L
  • PSYC 100, 201
  • FNDT 356
  • SOCI 101 or 263
  • CSBS 320 or MATH 121

Advance Placement (AP), CLEP and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores may not be used to meet the BSN program prerequisites.

All EWU undergraduate degree requirements must be completed prior to starting courses at WSU College of Nursing. In order to complete EWU undergraduate degree requirements and BSN prerequisites efficiently, students should carefully plan out their schedule from the time of entry to EWU through the completion of all requirements.

Nursing Admission Criteria:

  • 3.0 GPA minimum cumulative in the BSN prerequisite courses, with a minimum grade of 2.0 in any individual course. Pass/Fail grades and AP test scores are not accepted to meet BSN prerequisite requirements.
  • 3.0 GPA minimum cumulative in all college-level coursework from all schools attended.
  • A required, in-person interview for all students invited to this stage of the admission process.
  • Test of Essential Skills (TEAS) test.
  • 50 hours of practical experience in the health care field (volunteer or paid).

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