Nursing at EWU

The EWU nursing program provides transformative educational experiences to create a culture of excellence in the art and science of nursing.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

We are excited to have you explore the career of nursing with us.  The BSN program requires four years of full time study.  The first two years focus on a broad spectrum of courses, including; university breadth area core (BACR) requirements, competencies, and proficiencies; as well as nursing pre-requisite courses that prepare students for upper division nursing courses. The final two years of nursing courses are completed on the Spokane campus, where students engage in classroom, laboratory, and clinical learning experiences that take place over 4 semesters. The EWU BSN program accepts a 40 seat cohort both fall and spring semesters. The EWU nursing program is located in the beautiful University District of Spokane.

Nursing students start with prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, human development, statistics, and nutrition. Once admitted to the BSN program, specialized coursework can include: pathophysiology/pharmacology, health assessment, gerontology, childbearing health, psychiatric/mental health care nursing, leadership/management, acute/chronic care nursing, and much more.

Preparation Prerequisites & Admissions Curriculum

Preparation for BS Nursing Prerequisite Courses

Are encouraged to take biology, chemistry and math courses (algebra or higher) during their junior and senior years to prepare for the BSN prerequisite courses.

Should consult the EWU Transfer Guide to see how courses taken at other schools may meet the BSN program prerequisites and undergraduate degree requirements.



Prerequisite Courses

The Anatomy/Physiology series and chemistry series are required to be taken at the same institution they were started for continuity.

  • BIOL 232, 233, 234 and 235
  • CHEM 161, 162, 163 and 163L
  • PSYC 100, 201
  • FNDT 356
  • CSBS 320

Advance Placement (AP), CLEP and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores may not be used to meet the BSN program prerequisites.

All EWU undergraduate degree requirements must be completed prior to starting nursing courses.

Admission to the upper division program is competitive and will require a separate application.

Nursing Admission Criteria:

  • 3.0 GPA minimum cumulative in the BSN prerequisite courses.  Pass/Fail grades and AP test scores are not accepted to meet BSN prerequisite requirements.
  • 3.0 GPA minimum cumulative in all college-level coursework from all schools attended. Minimum 2.0 in any course.
  • Apply to EWU (if not already an EWU student).
  • Apply to BSN- Nursing Program and pay application fee.
  • Attend a required, in person interview for all students invited to this stage of the admission process.


Year 1, Fall Semester

NURS 301SProfessional Nurse I: Role Development2
NURS 302SNursing Foundations I: Adults & Older Adults4
NURS 303SHealth Assessment I: Adults and Older Adults*3
NURS 304SNursing Skills Laboratory2
NURS 305SPharmacology for Nursing Practice3
NURS 306SIntegrated Practicum I2
Total Semester Credits16

Year 1, Spring Semester

NURS 311SProfessional Nurse II: Health Promotion & Disease Prevention2
NURS 312SNursing Foundations II: Acute & Chronic Illness*4
NURS 313SBehavioral Health Nursing3
NURS 314SPathophysiology3
NURS 315SIntegrated Practicum II4
Total Semester Credits16

Year 2, Fall Semester

NURS 401SProfessional Nurse III: Healthcare Systems & Policy2
NURS 402SNursing Foundations III: Care of Children & Families4
NURS 403SHealth Assessment II: Mothers, Infants, Children*3
NURS 404SCommunity Health Nursing3
NURS 405SIntegrated Practicum III4
Total Semester Credits16

Year 2, Spring Semester

NURS 411SProfessional Nurse IV: Transition to Practice2
NURS 412SNursing Foundations IV: Complex Care4
NURS 413SLeadership and Management3
NURS 414SNCLEX-RN Preparation2
NURS 490SCapstone Practicum5
Total Semester Credits16