Student Crisis

Student Safety is Our Top Priority

We do everything possible to provide secure facilities and provide care for our residents. We recognize that crisis situations will still occur no matter how much we plan ahead. Our student and professional staff are available to assist in times of crisis, and will utilize campus resources to best help students.

While our staff are great resources, we have also compiled links to campus resources to help for specific situations.

Life-Threatening Concerns

For any life-threatening concerns, please contact EWU Police at 509.359.7676.

Sexual Harassment and Assault

Eastern Washington University takes reports of sexual harassment and assault, relationship violence, and stalking seriously. EWU is committed to providing an educational environment free from discrimination. If you have experienced any of these behaviors, you are encouraged to report using this form. Once you report, a member of our EWU Care Team or Title IX Team will reach out to you to provide support and options for next steps. Use this form to report: sexual harassment; discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression; non-consensual sexual touching or intercourse; domestic violence or dating violence; stalking; or, other forms of sexual misconduct.

Title IX/Sexual Assault Reporting

Missing Students

If you are concerned that a student may be missing or has been unresponsive for a period of time, you can fill out the Missing Student Contact form to alert our staff. This does not immediately contact the police; for life-threatening concerns, please call EWU Police at 509.359.7676.

Missing Person Contact

When students are reported missing and we have not been able to make contact with them for 24 hours, we reach out to a contact identified by the student.  If the emergency contact identified on a student’s housing application is not the person they would like contacted in the event they go missing, they may identify an alternative person for this purpose.

Students are not required to submit this information.