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College life can get busy and hectic! The Housing & Residential Life team is here to help. Check out our resources below for current students, future students, as well as parents and families.

Don’t see what you need? Contact us via email at You can also call us at 509.359.2451 or 800.583.3345.

Current Residents

Maintenance Request

If there is something in your residence hall or room that needs repair, please submit a request for a maintenance mechanic.

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Room Inventory

Review your room inspection, including room condition and what belongs in your space.

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IT Support

Having issues with WiFi, Canvas, student email, or other campus software? Submit an IT Help Desk ticket. Apartment residents contact Davis Communications, Inc. about WiFi.

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Laundry machines are located in every university residence hall. You will be issued a preloaded laundry card when you move-in.

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Dining Services

We are committed to providing freshly prepared, nutritious food that offers good value in convenient locations.

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Counseling & Psychological Services

We offer consultation and short-term counseling if you want to explore personal concerns with a therapist.

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Drop-In Tutoring

In-person tutoring is provided by peer tutors to enhance classroom learning and assist you in collaborative study groups.

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EWU Alerts

EWU Alerts will notify you via text messaging, email, and other methods in case of emergency or safety situation on campus.

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Parking & Transportation Services

Our goal is to provide guidance and assistance on all parking-related needs in an efficient manner for everyone.

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Student Crisis

We recognize that crisis situations will still occur no matter how much we plan ahead. Our student and professional staff are available to assist in times of crisis, and will utilize campus resources to best help students.

Student Crisis Help

Burned Popcorn

The podcast is a substitution for the weekly newsletter that CAs released during the school year.

Burned Popcorn

Costs & Contracts


Explore your pricing options for on-campus housing for both the current and upcoming academic years in one place!

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Housing & Dining Services Contract

Learn about the terms and conditions in the contract for the 2019-2020 academic year, as well as for residence halls and apartments in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Contract Termination Appeal

If you are experiencing a severe circumstance which makes living on campus an undue hardship, you may submit an appeal.

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Housing Exception Request

You can apply for an exception by completing a Housing Exception Request and providing the requested supporting documentation.

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Living Guide

The purpose of this guide is to describe the policies, facilities, and services offered at EWU, the EWU apartments and the residence halls.

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Alcohol Policy

Learn who can have alcohol on campus, where it's allowed, and under what conditions.

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Code of Conduct

Review your rights as a student, learn how to make a complaint, and review policies and procedures.

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Internet Use

Access to the Internet is a privilege if you are residing in university residence halls, governed by our acceptable-use policy.

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Parents & Family

Live-On Requirement

First-year students are required to live in a residence hall, helping to create a successful and well-rounded college experience.

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Conflict & Conduct

College is a time where new challenges and temptations are presented to your student, and they may make a mistake. Support and encourage them if they are going through the conduct process.

Personal Property Insurance

You are responsible for your personal property. We highly suggest that you purchase personal property insurance (also known as renters insurance), which covers theft or damage to your belongings.

Eagle Family Homecoming

Come back to campus for one of Eastern’s most honored (and fun!) traditions. Reconnect, visit, and cheer on your football team.

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FERPA & Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records.

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2020-21 FAQs

Yes! Housing will be open, but it will look a little different than most years. We will be in all single rooms and may have a reduced number of buildings open.

The live-on requirement has been suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year. You do not need to complete an exception request if you are choosing to live off campus. When considering whether to live on-campus, consider that we can, and will, provide maximum flexibility with our contracts that a typical lease agreement will not be able to provide.

Student health and safety is our number one priority. We have decided to place students in all single rooms and our professional cleaning staff is sanitizing bathrooms and common areas daily.

Living in the halls will be different than it ever has been before. It will be very important to keep the health and safety of the entire community (fellow residents, custodial and maintenance staff, Housing and Residential Life Staff, etc.) as a priority. In order to do so we have set the following expectations:

  • Masks must be worn any time you are outside of your room or when you are not in your room by yourself (including hallways and all common spaces in your residence hall).
  • You may only have visitors that live in your residence hall and you may only have one visitor at a time.
  • You may not gather in groups in any of the lounges, hallways or common areas.
  • Laundry areas will be limited to one person at a time you will reserve a time to do your laundry. When you are done, you will be expected to clean any areas you touch or use with disinfecting wipes or spray. We will provide cleaning supplies.
  • Kitchens may be used one person at a time. You will sign up for a time to use the kitchen.

At this time, residents will not be allowed to have visitors that do not live in their residence hall.

We have an emergency plan in place in the event of any COVID-19 cases on campus. Residents needing to be in isolation or quarantine will be placed in Dryden Hall. We will work closely with local and regional health officials to follow best practices.

We will only offer single rooms for 2020-2021, so you will not be able to share a room with your confirmed roommate. However, we know how much you were all looking forward to living with your roommates, so we will place confirmed roommate pairs next door to each other.

We will be taking preferences submitted on your housing application into consideration. At this time we are not sure which buildings will be open, but we will do our best to put students into buildings they have requested.

We don’t anticipate that we will be at maximum capacity and will have plenty of space for students who choose to live with us, even though we have moved to all single rooms.

Most housing assignments have already been sent out via Eagles email. We will continue to send out assignments every couple of weeks as students continue to apply.

We will have two rates: a standard and premium rate. Standard rates will be in Anderson, Dressler, Pearce and Streeter. Premium rates will be in Brewster, snyamncut, and Anderson in-room bathrooms. For exact amounts, see our pricing page.

For 2020-2021 we will offer our regular annual contract, as well as a quarterly contract option. Students that choose the quarterly option will be able to leave at the end of any quarter without termination consequences. The quarterly cost of housing will be $150 higher than an annual contract.

We are waiting to make a final determination on which buildings will be open until we have final numbers of how many students will be living on campus. At a minimum, Anderson, Pearce and snyamncut will be open.

Transfer students (with one full year post-high school graduation), students 21 years and older, and students that have lived with us previously are eligible to live in the university apartments.

Yes, the goal of single rooms is for everyone to have their own bedroom and you will each have your own bedroom in the apartment you chose.

Yes! We always welcome new applicants each quarter. You would join us at the annual rate as long as you plan to live with us for both quarters. If you have already applied and want to change your application to live with us for winter quarter please email us at

We understand that some people may have applied for housing before the announcement was made that the live-on requirement would be suspended. Students that applied prior to the announcement and update on our webpage are eligible for a refund of the application fee.

The reason we have cancellation penalties prior to move-in is to help us project our occupancy which allows us to open the right buildings and staff appropriately. Since we still need that information, all cancellation penalties will be enforced. The first cut-off date to cancel without penalty is May 31. For more information, see our contract cancellation information.

Students should make decisions about housing based on the most current information they have about classes, in combination with information about the Housing cancellation consequences.