Summer Housing


Summer housing is offered to students that will be taking classes during the summer quarter or who are registered for classes for Fall 2024. We consolidate to one hall, snyamncut. Housing and dining are charged by the week; the dining plan is minimal and not intended to feed you for all your meals.

Apply for Summer Housing

  1. Complete the online Summer Housing Application
  2. Pay your non-refundable $125 application fee by calling EWU Housing at 509.359.2451.
    • Continuing campus residents or Fall 2024 applicants who already have an application fee on file do not need to pay another application fee.
    • If you’d like to continue as a fall quarter resident and you haven’t already completed the 2024-2025 academic year application, submit your fall application as well.

Summer Housing Application

2024 Summer Housing & Dining Rates

  • Unlimited high-speed Internet (wired and wireless), laundry and mail delivery to snyamncut are all included as part of the housing rates.
  • Single room without meal plan is charged at $267.75 per week.
  • Single room with meal plan is charged at $427.75 per week.
  • Double room without meal plan is charged at $246.33
  • Double rooms with a meal plan is charged at $406.33
  • These rates reflect the nights of occupancy.
  • Students currently living in a Residence Hall will receive instructions regarding moving via EWU email prior to summer starting.
Weeks of ResidencyFirst NightLast NightCumulative, Single Room, With Meal PlanCumulative, Single Room, No Meal PlanCumulative, Double Room, With Meal PlanCumulative, Double Room, No Meal Plan
Week 1June 23June 29$427.75$267.75$406.33$246.33
Week 2June 30July 6$855.50$535.50$812.66$492.66
Week 3July 7July 13$1,283.25$803.25$1,218.99$738.99
Week 4July 14July 20$1,711.00$1,071.00$1,625.32$985.32
Week 5July 21July 27$2,138.75$1,338.75$2,031.65$1,231.65
Week 6July 28Aug. 3$2,566.50$1,606.50$2,437.98$1,477.98
Week 7Aug. 4Aug. 10$2,994.25$1,874.25$2,844.31$1,724.31
Week 8Aug. 11Aug. 17$3,422.00$2,142.00$3,250.64$1,970.64
Summer to Fall Break*Aug. 18Sept. 18$1,071.00$985.32
* Fall 2024 residents only
** Meal plans are not available during the summer to fall break

Information, Expectations & Policies


We offer an optional meal plan rate of $160/week. This meal plan is not intended as a full-service plan. Dining locations are closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Additional dining dollars may be purchased at the Dining Services office in 120 Tawanka. Summer Session dining dollars for those not continuing fall quarter are forfeited on Sept. 10, 2024. Those continuing to live on campus fall quarter will have any unused dining dollars rolled forward into fall quarter.

Financial Policies

Reservations must be in full-week increments. Pro-rated billing for partial weeks is not available. As with tuition and fees, full payment is required by the first day of Summer Session or a $75 late payment fee may apply. Late or improper checkouts will be assessed additional fees if they apply. Summer to fall break housing may not be paid from the upcoming fall quarter funding.

Assignment Policies

You must be enrolled during Summer Session or be registered for Fall 2024 if you wish to live on campus. You will be notified of your assignment on or around June 11, 2024. snyamncut is the only hall that will be used for summer 2024 room assignments. Specific room requests may not be accommodated due to our limited options. Applicants will check in with staff at snyamncut. Specific room assignments (in some cases) may not be known until arrival or may be changed before arrival; however, we will do our best to notify you if changes are made.

Checking In

Residence halls open for Summer Session on Sunday, Jun. 23, 2024. Check-in may be done 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Sunday just prior to the start of your first week of enrollment.

Checking Out

Residence halls close at the end of Summer Session at noon on Saturday, August 17, 2024. Check-out must be accomplished on, or before, noon on the Saturday after your final week of enrollment as indicated on your Summer Session Residence Hall Application or improper check-out fees will apply. You must arrange a check-out appointment with staff 24 hours in advance. Students who are not living on campus for Fall 2024 are not eligible to stay past this date.

Student Accommodations and Support Services

If you require specific accommodations due to a disability, please contact EWU Student Accommodations and Support Services at 509.359.6871. This is voluntary information and will be used only to assist in making the most appropriate housing assignment for you.