How to Successfully Live on Campus

EWU's Housing Office Provides Insight

May 16, 2022
The sun breaks through a stormy sky over campus

First-year students at Eastern Washington University live on campus in our residence halls.  We realize this is likely a new, and maybe weird way to live, so we thought we would give you a few tips to help students be successful in this fun, new environment!

  1.       Your student MUST engage with this experience if they want to get anything out of it.  How many times have you heard a kid say, “there’s nothing to do” and rolled your eyes?  College students are no different, sometimes it feels like there is nothing to do, but when you live on campus that JUST ISN’T TRUE!  Between live-in student and professional staff, our amazing Student Activities division, and the simple fact that the residence hall is full of 200-300 other students looking for something to do…there’s always something to do.  If you hear this from your student encourage them to walk to the bulletin board on their floor where all the event advertisements are, go talk to their Community Advisor or simply walk down to the lobby.  There’s almost always someone playing ping pong, watching a show, or just hanging out.  Community Advisors are one of their biggest assets.  They are walking, talking billboards of fun stuff to do.
  2.       Solve problems when they are small.  Sometimes students have frustrations with a roommate, loud floormates, or just feeling down.  PLEASE reach out to a Community Advisor, the professional staff member in the building, or a member of the Housing team.  Often, these frustrations are born out of simple miscommunication, and we are experts at helping students navigate these situations.  Additionally, if your student is experiencing homesickness, general sadness or feeling overwhelmed we can get them connected to resources right here on campus…for free!
  3.  Embrace the differences of everyone in the halls.  We are all a big bunch of weirdos…so own it.  Students will be living with/around people that were raised entirely differently.  Students that have different values, tastes in music, speak louder, communicate strangely, etc.  Different will work, as long as students are willing to have respectful conversations.  The most beautiful thing happens in our communities when people from all different backgrounds come together, have each other’s backs, and create a family.  Don’t let your student shy away from difference, they will miss out on amazing things.

When students participate and become an active part of their community, they absolutely blossom.  Those students are more successful academically, more likely to graduate, and will gain skills that will make them employee of the month material!  If they lean into being part of something bigger than themselves, everything else will fall into place!  Welcome to the family!


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