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Degrees, Learning Outcomes, Statistics

  • BS in Computer Science

    Our traditional computer science degree provides extensive preparation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. It will prepare you for a variety of careers in computing or for additional study at the graduate level. In this program you will study both general purpose programming and programming for specific purposes and environments.

  • BS in Computer Information Systems

    Our Computer Information Systems program provides significant formal training in database and web programming, unique internship opportunities, and team development of client-sponsored projects. You will be well prepared to help industry realize the potential of information systems. Opportunities abound in this field!

  • BA in 3D Animation/Game Development

    The 3D Animation/Game Development Option focuses on the use of typical tools for developing 3D computer animations and games. Like all of our degrees, it builds on substantial core material in general-purpose programming.

  • BA in Foundations

    The Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science - Foundations Option provides a solid foundation in the practice of computing, while allowing you to expand your education with coursework in other disciplines. The program will prepare you for a career in software development, and is of particular interest if you wish to pursue interdisciplinary applications of computing that are not covered by any of our other degrees.

  • MS in Computer Science

    Masters of Computer Science

  • Student Learning Outcomes

    Computer Science Student Learning Outcomes

  • Enrollment and Graduation Data

    Computer Science Enrollment and Graduation Data

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