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Cross Boundaries: Study Abroad

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Why Should I Study Abroad?

  • To gain an international perspective and discover new ways of considering yourself and the United States
  • To expand your range of course options and add a global dimension to your major
  • To develop a global resume and increase your career choices
  • To improve your foreign language skills

Will I receive credit for studying abroad?

Yes, all coursework completed abroad must be approved prior to starting your program. Most students receive elective credits for their study abroad; however, you may also use credits completed abroad to fullfill major or minor degree requirements, university graduation requirements and, in some cases, GECRs.

Can I use financial aid to study abroad?

Yes. Tuition, room and board, books, fees, travel, and some personal expenses can be calculated into your financial package. Apply early for priority funding.

Financial aid can also be used to support summer study in some cases.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

Not necessarily. There are several options available to meet your language needs. However, if you are applying to one of the formal exchange programs, you might need to be proficient or nearly proficient in the native language of the specific program.

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