Apply Now

Apply Now

Applications must be postmarked or emailed by June 1.


Complete the general EWU Graduate School Application

Note: The MSAT Program does not require GRE or GMAT scores.


Complete the MSAT Program Application

  1. Write a short essay that describes:
    1. How you became interested in becoming a certified athletic trainer
    2. What makes you passionate about the field of athletic training.
      Note: Your response should be no longer than 1000 words.
  2. Submit a professional resumé
    1. Include your education history and relevant experience
  3. Complete three copies of the MSAT Recommendation Form.
    1. First Form: Must be completed by the ATC who supervised at least part of your observation hours
    2. Second Form: Must be from a previous instructor or professor who can attest to your academic performance.
    3. Third Form: Must be completed by a person who can attest to your character. This person cannot be related to you.
  4. Provide proof of having completed a First Aid and BLS/AED certification within the past 4 years.
  5. Must have earned a cumulative GPA in a Bachelors Degree of ≥B.
  6. Must have completed a minimum of 50 hours working, volunteering, or shadowing with a BOC certified athletic trainer in a high school, college, or professional setting and fill out the Verification Form.
    Note: Preference will be given to applicants that provide proof of AT observations occurring at various healthcare sites and with different athletic trainers.
  7. Review and complete the MSAT Technical Standards.
  8. Complete the Prerequisite Course Self Audit. Our prerequisite coursework follows the national guidelines as stated by CAATE: “The professional program requires prerequisite classes in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, anatomy, and physiology at the postsecondary level.”
    1. Note that some biomechanics and/or kinesiology courses may meet the physics requirement if the course content is comparable to an introductory-level physics course. These will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
    2. While these are the minimum course requirements, applicants who exceed these minimum standards by having completed additional courses as listed will be given a higher priority of acceptance during the application process.

Materials Review

  1. You will be informed of the program’s enrollment decision no later than the last week of June.
  2. The MSAT faculty will notify those selected for admission utilizing the email address you provided on your application.


  1. If you are selected for admission, you will have one week to accept or reject your admission offer.
    1. Accept or reject the enrollment offer by completing and returning your acceptance letter via email.
  2. If you accept your enrollment, you will receive an email detailing program requirements that must be provided by the first day of class. These include, but are not limited to:
    1. Physical exam
    2. Official immunization records
    3. Criminal background check
    4. Drug test

Additional Information

  • Failure to follow these steps may result in your application and/or acceptance status being denied.
  • Each new cohort begins the MSAT Program during the first summer session (typically beginning mid-June).
  • New student orientation will be held on the first class day of the summer term.


For further information about the MSAT Program at Eastern Washington University, please contact:

Garth Babcock

Program Director

John Parry Gerber

Clinical Coordinator