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Eastern Washington University’s College of Professional Programs (CPP) offers academic programs that provide students the opportunity to work closely with faculty members on undergraduate research projects, international studies programs, extracurricular activities, field experience, and service-learning projects, taking what you learn in the classroom and applying it to your real world.

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Photo of Martha Raske, Interim Dean of CPP
Photo of Martha Raske, Interim Dean of CPP

Martha Raske earned her MSW and PhD in social work from the University of Illinois Chicago. She has 30 years of experience teaching graduate and undergraduate social work and extensive prior experience as a social worker and counselor. Her qualitative research focused on the voices of consumers of social welfare services, including people with mental illness and older Americans living in nursing homes. Along with Gary May, she wrote and co-edited the textbook, Ending Disability Discrimination. She chaired the Social Work Department at the University of Southern Indiana and directed the School of Social Work at Eastern Washington University from 2011 to 2017.

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