School of Psychology

About Us

Psychology is a diverse discipline, grounded in science, aimed to understand human behavior. While some are basic researchers who develop and test theories, others apply the discipline’s scientific knowledge to help people, organizations, and communities. Whether you’re interested in educational, behavioral, or applied psychology, we have a program for you.

Why Study at Eastern?

We are committed to excellence and student success.

Affordable Education

You don't have to sacrifice quality to get an education you can afford.

Small Class Sizes

Most classes are limited to 15-25 students, which allows professors to devote time to individual students.

Excellent Job Opportunities

Our graduates have a great record of finding employment soon after graduation.

What You Will Learn

  • The core knowledge and principles of psychology
  • Develop skills in research and statistics
  • Think analytically, logically, and creatively
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively according to the standards of the discipline
  • Foster increased understanding of diverse populations
  • Enhance professional growth and development
Psychologists differ considerably in what we do because the field encompasses a wide range of human activities.

Careers in Psychology

Earning a degree in psychology from Eastern Washington University leads to many career opportunities:


Forensic Psychology

Sport & Exercise Psychology

Scholarship Opportunities

Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Must be a graduate student majoring in Psychology
  • Preference given to students who demonstrate financial need

Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Must be a graduate student working toward an advanced degree in counseling
  • Must demonstrate past or present volunteer or paid experience in a social service agency and/or be able to articulate career goals in the counseling profession

The EWU General Scholarship Application for academic year 2023-3024 has closed. The application for 2024-2025 will open in November 2023.