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The College of Social Sciences provides students with a strong liberal arts education in traditional and applied social sciences.

Eastern Washington University’s College of Social Sciences (CSS) offers academic programs that focus on a wide range of human issues and experiences. From exploring the distant past to examining current human behavior, we prepare students for careers in the social sciences as well as social services professions.

In our college, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members on undergraduate research projects, international studies programs, extracurricular activities, field experience, and service learning projects, taking what you learn in the classroom and applying it to your real world.

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To provide all students with a strong liberal arts education in traditional and applied social sciences which includes emphases in multicultural, communicative, interdisciplinary and international perspectives on society and the world.

  • To enable students to make life-long contributions to the social, political and economic development of the region, the country and the world.
  •  To provide strong theoretical skills and research oriented major, minor and interdisciplinary programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • To prepare individuals for professional success in a wide variety of career choices.
  • To engage the community in ways that empower local peoples and institutions and raise the profile and reputation of the university.

The CSS vision is to deliver innovation in teaching, research and community engagement to our students by offering enhanced quality programs including departments, interdisciplinary programs and centers that serve the dual purpose of providing a broad liberal arts education and fulfilling unique niches in the state and in the region.

 To fulfill our vision we will:

  • Hire, retain and reward the highest quality faculty to maintain and improve excellence in teaching, professional activity and service to the university and community.
  • Recruit, retain, and graduate students from diverse backgrounds who will benefit from the rich and deep educational value of the behavioral and social sciences and social Work and the mastery of their particular discipline.
  • Excellence in the creation of a learning environment that is safe, encouraging and inspiring
  • Investment in our students’ educational growth, well-being and transformation
  • Commitment to interdisciplinary and foundational disciplines in social sciences
  • Respect for the intellectual integrity of one’s own field as well as others and the diversity of ideas
  • Leading and collaborating in teaching, scholarship and service
  • Encourage the pursuit of individual excellence
  • Commitment to the pursuit of social justice through learning and community engagement
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Dean Jonathan W. Anderson

Photo: CSS Dean Anderson

Anderson holds a PhD in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University and is a licensed psychologist in Washington State. He has served as chair of EWU’s Department of Psychology, where he provided oversight for multiple undergraduate and graduate programs and two accreditations.  As Associate Dean of the College of Social Sciences from 2014-2016, he earned the respect of faculty and staff for his highly capable and fair leadership style.  He is the recipient of multiple Outstanding Faculty Awards in research, teaching, and service; Professor of the Year, 2011-2012; the President’s Award, 2011-2012; and the Dean’s Outstanding Service Award, 2012-2013.

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