Master of Science in Psychology


NOTE: We will not be accepting applications for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The Master of Science in Psychology has three concentrations intended to prepare students to be master’s-level practitioners, pursue further graduate study in clinical or experimental areas, or work in industry.

The clinical concentration (terminal) is intended for students who wish to become master’s-level mental health providers in the state of Washington.

The clinical concentration (thesis) provides students with the same training as the clinical concentration (terminal), but includes a master’s thesis and is intended for students who wish to pursue doctoral-level training in clinical or counseling psychology.

The experimental concentration provides students with advanced research training in a wide variety of areas in psychology (e.g., social, cognitive, positive, health, etc.) to prepare them to enter doctoral-level programs, work in the industry, or teach at the master’s level.


Please e-mail the Program Director Dr. Danielle Sitzman at

Program Faculty

  • Amani El-Alayli
  • Jonathan Anderson (not currently accepting graduate students)
  • Kayleen Islam-Zwart
  • Russell Kolts
  • Theresa Martin
  • Jillene Seiver
  • Danielle Sitzman
  • Philip Watkins
  • Aryn Ziehnert