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We’re thrilled you’ve decided to attend Eastern! Our Orientation & Family Programs team is here to help you and your family in the transition to college and to succeed throughout your time at EWU.

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New Student Orientation

The new student orientations are designed to prepare you for your first year at EWU. Our goal is to set you up for a successful and rewarding college experience.

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Welcome Week

Save the Date: Sept. 15-24, 2022

Every Fall, new students are welcomed to campus with several traditions designed to make friends, get to know campus and more.

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Please keep your emergency contact information updated. This will help the university contact the appropriate individuals in case of an emergency. To update your emergency contact information, follow these steps:

  1. Log onto your EagleNET Address Manager.
  2. Follow the directions at the top of the page.

Would you like to let someone else pay your tuition? Students have the ability to create an authorized user login by going to “Pay My Bill” option. This will allow the authorized user to pay the student’s account balance online.


To set up an authorized user, download instructions.

  1. The student needs to visit the Payment Portal.
  2. Sign in with your NetID and password.
  3. Now you should be on the home page of TouchNet. Click Authorized Users to start.
  4. On this page, you’ll see two tabs. One for current authorized users where you’ll see any prior authorized users that you granted access to your account (if applicable). Click Add Authorized User to begin the process of adding a new user. Enter the email of the user and then select the option for whether or not you want the user to be able to view your payment history and account activity. If you select “No,” the authorized user will still be able to make payments and enroll in a payment plan on your behalf.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click the box at the bottom of the page to electronically sign the agreement to add the specified authorized user.
  7. Click Continue. You will receive an email confirmation after completing this step.
Authorized User
  1. The authorized user will receive two (2) emails. The first email will contain a notification of their new access and the username they’ll use to sign in. The second email will contain a temporary password for them to use the first time they sign in.
  2. The authorized user will need to log in to TouchNet using the credentials emailed to them.
  3. The authorized user will need to finish setting up their account by adding their name and creating a password.
  4. By clicking the home icon, the authorized user will then be able to make a payment, enroll in a payment plan, or view account history (if the student granted access to view the history in Step #5.) In the example below, the student is already enrolled in a payment plan, but if they were not the authorized user would see an “Enroll is a Payment Plan” button between the “View Activity” and “Make Payment” buttons.
  5. If an authorized user wishes to enroll the student in a payment plan they can follow the payment plan enrollment instructions in the webpage on the Student Financial Services website.
  6. Authorized users are also able to make installment payments for the student by clicking the gear icon next to the upcoming installment. Payments for installments can be made immediately or can be scheduled for a future date.
  7. Authorized users do not have access to financial aid, grades, or other online student information.
  8. Only the student can reset the authorized user’s password if it is lost or forgotten.

Curious about how you’ll be supported as a student at EWU and how to get involved on campus? Learn more on our Get Connected page.

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Graduate Programs

Online Accelerated Programs

Here you will find New Student Orientation web resources. More resources and information will posted as it becomes available.

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