CALE Excellence Awards 2021

CALE Awards for Excellence

Taking the time to reflect on our achievements is one of my favorite parts of the year. It gives us the chance to celebrate our work as scholars and educators. It enables us to reflect on how we have helped students reach new heights of knowledge and wisdom in their chosen disciplines. Above all, I invite you to join us in recognizing these outstanding achievements, achievements that inspire us to teach, and to learn.


Frances B. Huston Medallion Awards

Recipients of the Frances B. Huston medallion award have established themselves as exceptionally capable individuals in both academic and extracurricular activities. All recipients have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement with a minimum 3.75 GPA in their previous four quarters and have qualified for the award in one or more of the following areas: leadership, service to the university, and/or service to the community. Faculty Escorts are selected by the student award recipients and are celebrated for their excellence in teaching and mentorship.

Jessica Buswell

BA, Art History & BA, Studio Art
Photo of Jessica Buswell
Faculty Escort: Dr. Catherine Girard

Caitlin Wooley

BAE, Education, Literacy, Reading, & Writing
Photo of Caitlin Wooley
Faculty Escort: Dr. Shelly Shaffer

Madison Flint

BA, English
Photo of Madison Flint
Faculty Escort: Polly Buckingham

Keigan Odell

English as a Second Language Program
Modern Languages & Literature
Photo of Keigan Odell
Faculty Escort: Dr. Gina Mikel Petrie

Diana Viskova

BM, Composition & Jazz Performance & BA, Music
Photo of Diana Viskova
Faculty Escort: Dr. Jonathan Middleton

Elaina Dejong

BA, Theatre
Theatre & Film
Photo of Elaina Dejong
Faculty Escort: Sara Goff

Dean’s Excellence Awards and Faculty Mentors

The Dean’s Student Excellence Award is awarded to outstanding graduating seniors who have demonstrated distinguished excellence and achievements within their department, the college, university, and the community. Faculty Mentors are selected by the student award recipients and are celebrated for their excellence in teaching and mentorship.

Jordan Tanguay

Photo of Jordan Tanguay
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Catherine Girard

Rachel Boruff

Photo of Rachel Boruff
Faculty Mentor: Ashley Lepisi

Julia Murphy Simpson

Photo of Julia Murphy Simpson
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gus Nollmeyer

Lauren Gilmore

Photo of Lauren Gilmore
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ian Green

Abigail Greiner

Photo of Abigail Greiner
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chris Valeo

Danica M. Jenck

Modern Languages and Literatures: Philosophy
Photo of Danica M. Jenck
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Terry Mac Mullan

Kayla Joann Mosner

Modern Languages & Literatures
Photo of Kayla Joann Mosner
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Decker

Jesse Allen Holan

Photo of Jesse Allen Holan
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Middleton

Frances Grace D. Mortel

Theatre and Film
Photo of Frances Grace D. Mortel
Faculty Mentor: Malcolm Pelles

Emeritus Status Award

Vince Aleccia

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Vince Aleccia

Tom Askman

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Tom Askman

Chris Howell

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Chris Howell

Bill Stimson

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Bill Stimson


Thank you for all you have done for Eastern over the years!

Colleen Hegney

Fine and Performing Arts

Vickie Roig

Secretary Senior
Modern Languages and Literatures
Photo of Vickie Roig

Marge Andrews

Senior Lecturer
Modern Languages and Literatures
Photo of Marge Andrews

Faculty & Staff Excellence Awards

These individuals embody the college’s mission and values. The purpose of the six college awards is to recognize and commend outstanding faculty and staff who have put forth the extraordinary commitment to represent their department, the college, and the university.

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

ALL CALE Faculty
Photo of Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

Faculty Scholarly & Creative Activities Excellence Award

Jeff Sanders
Theatre and Film
Photo of Faculty Scholarly & Creative Activities Excellence Award

Faculty Service Excellence Award

Carissa Gran
Photo of Faculty Service Excellence Award

Classified & Exempt Staff Excellence Award

Danielle Desormier
Photo of Classified & Exempt Staff Excellence Award

Team Excellence Award

EWU Theatre Spring Musical Team
Theatre and Film, Music
Photo of Team Excellence Award

Campus Partner Award

The Instructional Technology Team