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Enduring Support of Chicano Education

Through Transition, Comes Opportunity!

Let's face it.  Over the past few years the Chicano Education Program (CEP) at Eastern Washington University has experienced challenging transitions.  Not only was the University facing lean times, the director resigned, an interim was named, and the Federal funding for the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) was not renewed.

They say when times get tough, it shows who your true friends are. Times were never tougher for Higher Education institutions than between 2009-2012. EWU took huge state budget cuts and to make things worse, in spring 2012 we received word our CAMP grant that we had thrived on for 10 years would not be renewed. The CAMP grant made it possible for the Chicano Education program to be a bustling place with lots of staff and events, not just for CAMP students, but also for all Chican(a)o/Latin(a)o students at EWU.

Through transition, comes opportunity!  Opportunity to celebrate student success, opportunity to reapply for the CAMP funding once again, and opportunity to bring in new leadership that will poise EWU and the CEP to be the number one provider of higher education and services to Chican(a)o/Latin(a)o students in the State of Washington.   

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