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Health Informatics Technology and Management
668 N. Riverpoint Blvd. Suite A, Room 356
Spokane, WA 99202-1667
phone: 509.828.1254
fax: 509.828.1275

Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics Technology and Management

The Health Informatics Technology and Management Bachelor of Science degree has been created as an interdisciplinary offering. Students admitted to the program would study a curriculum that blends three disciplines: health services administration, management information systems and computer science. This program is designed to prepare students as health information technology professionals to manage and use health information and emerging electronic information technologies in the health care industry. Graduates will be prepared to participate in the design of data schemes for health information systems, in the definition and analysis of requirements for health information systems, in the design, deployment and querying of reporting systems via both direct query and reporting tools for use in administrative, clinical and support areas.

Any EWU student who has completed or nearly completed the general education courses may declare a major in HITM. HITM students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA for all HSAD, CSCD and MISC classes. No more than two courses in HSAD, CSCD and MISC classes may be below a 3.0. Students earning three or more grades of less than 3.0 in HSAD, CSCD and MISC will be dismissed from the program.  The culmination of the student's experience in the program will be an internship in a health care setting. Students in the HITM program must have an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.25.

Professional Membership Requirements: Every student graduating in the Health Informatics Technology and Management must be a student member of a national professional organization for the discipline at least by their senior year.

Work Experience Requirement: It is strongly advised that all students seek as much practical experience as possible, whether paid or volunteer.

What will I study?

Required Health Informatics Technology and Management Course List (97 credits)

ACCT 251 Principles of Financial Accounting (5)
ACCT 252 Principles of Managerial Accounting (4)
BUED 302 Business Communication (4)
DSCI 245 Data Analysis for Business (4)
DSCI 346 Advanced Data Analysis for Business (4)
ECON 200 Introduction to Microeconomics (5)
ECON 445 Insurance and Risk (5)
ECON 452 Health Economics (5)
HLED 256 Medical Terminology (2)
            or OCTH 292 Foundations of Documentation and Medical Terminology (2)
HSAD 300 Health Care Organization and Administration (4)
HSAD 310 Health Care Supervision (4)
HSAD 410 Health Law, Regulation and Ethics (4)
HSAD 435 Process Improvement in Health Care (4)
HSAD 440 Health Care Research Design and Methods (4)
HSAD 455 Health Care Billing (2)
HSAD 495 Internship (5)
HUMR 328 Human Resource Management (4)
HSAD 490 Senior Capstone (4)
            or CSCD 490 Senior Capstone (4)
MISC 211Information Technology in Business (4)
MISC 372 Data Communications and Networking Fundamentals (4)
            or CSCD 330 Network Programming (4)
MISC 373 Business Database Application (4)
            or CSCD 425 Database Management Systems (4)
MISC 481 Systems Analysis and Design (4)
            or CSCD 350 Software Engineering (4)
MISC 488 Health Information Technology (4)

MISC 486 Computer and Information Security (4)


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