CAHSS Excellence Awards 2023

CAHSS Excellence Awards – 2023

Taking the time to reflect on our accomplishments and achievements is one of the most important highlights of the year and is an opportunity to formally set aside some time to recognize and celebrate our aspirations and accomplishments as educators and students. All of the students and faculty are very unique in their own way and truly represent the diversity amongst our multi-faceted disciplines within the programs, departments, college, and university.

They all have a passion for what they do, and their dedication to their field is not limited to the classroom but extends throughout the university and our local communities.  Our college is very proud of these students and faculty and their accomplishments, and we are thankful and appreciative of the selfless support that many have received from their family and friends.


Jeffers Chertok Memorial Scholarship

The Jeffers W. Chertok Memorial Scholarship was established in 2005 by Daniel & Margie Carper and the Chertok Family. Dean Jeffers Chertok held a 34-year career at Eastern Washington University. Dean Chertok’s legacy lives on through the students he taught, the faculty he mentored, and the quiet charm he brought to them all. He will always be remembered as a strong voice for Eastern, a statesman, and a scholar of quiet brilliance, beloved by students and admired by colleagues.

Mya Brossoit

Communication Studies
Photo of Mya Brossoit
Faculty Nomination: Professor Jessica Boyer & Dr. Peter Shields


Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies & Philosophy
Photo of tommyboiZ
Faculty Nomination: Dr. Judy Rohrer

Kelly Parke

Photo of Kelly Parke
Faculty Nomination: Dr. Michael Zukosky

Tim Harrington Jr.

History & Political Science
Photo of Tim Harrington Jr.
Faculty Nomination: Dr. Ann Le Bar

Lillian Brooks

Social Studies Secondary Education
Photo of Lillian Brooks
Faculty Nomination: Dr. Jacki Hedlund Tyler

Frances B. Huston Medallion Awards

Recipients of this award have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement with a minimum 3.75 GPA in their previous four quarters and have qualified for the award in one or more of the following areas: leadership, service to the university, and/or service to the community. Faculty Mentors are selected by the student award recipients and are celebrated for their excellence in teaching and mentorship.

Conner Kautzman

Photo of Conner Kautzman
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Germán Izón

Kaleb McCalden

Photo of Kaleb McCalden
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Decker

Guadalupe Sevilla

Film and Media Studies
Photo of Guadalupe Sevilla
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Drew Ayers

Megan Beine

Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies and Sociology
Photo of Megan Beine
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jessi Willis

Elizabeth Dyess

Photo of Elizabeth Dyess
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julia Smith & Dr. Michael Zukosky

Kimberlee Tallman

Social Studies Secondary Education
Photo of Kimberlee Tallman
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jacki Hedlund Tyler

Jeffers W. Chertok Dean’s Excellence Awards and Faculty Mentors

The Jeffers W. Chertok Dean’s Honor Student Award is named in remembrance of Dean Jeffers Chertok. we recognize and honor students and their chosen influential faculty from Departments and Programs within the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences who have distinguished academic records as well as accomplishments in service, leadership, and scholarship. Faculty Mentors are selected by the student award recipients and are celebrated for their excellence in teaching and mentorship.

Ivan Cibrian

Africana Studies
Photo of Ivan Cibrian
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Okera Nsombi

Camille Rogers

Photo of Camille Rogers
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Holmgren

Conner Hansen

English Studies
Photo of Conner Hansen
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lynn Briggs & Dr. Tracey McHenry

Jorge Rodriguez

English Studies
Photo of Jorge Rodriguez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Logan Greene

Shen Tsao

Philosophy with Psych Minor
Photo of Shen Tsao
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chris Kirby

Lourdes Sevilla

Studio Art
Photo of Lourdes Sevilla
Faculty Mentor: Professor Jenny Hyde

Ian Tanner Reich

Film and Digital Media
Photo of Ian Tanner Reich
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chase Ogden

Payton Ritchy

Music: Instrument, Choral, Gen
Photo of Payton Ritchy
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jody Graves

Melissa Wilson

Musical Theatre
Photo of Melissa Wilson
Faculty Mentor: Professor Sara Goff

Whitney Longie

Sociology with GWSS Minor
Photo of Whitney Longie
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Judy Rohrer

Caroline Foster

Photo of Caroline Foster
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julia Smith

Samuel Holman

Faculty Mentor: History
Photo of Samuel Holman
Faculty Mentor: Professor Amir Selmanovic

Elizabeth Gear

Faculty Mentor: Spanish Education
Photo of Elizabeth Gear
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Miguel Novella

Alex Bagley

Social Studies Secondary Education
Photo of Alex Bagley
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jacki Hedlund Tyler

Lili Mackin

Political Science and International Affairs
Photo of Lili Mackin
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Majid Sharifi

Randle Kinswa

Political Science
Photo of Randle Kinswa
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tom Hawley

Caitlin Trimble

Urban and Regional Planning
Photo of Caitlin Trimble
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Scully

Ruben Blanco Espinoza

Criminal Justice
Photo of Ruben Blanco Espinoza
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kerryn Bell

Tracie Delgado

Criminal Justice
Photo of Tracie Delgado
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kerryn Bell

Whitney Longie

Sociology with GWSS Minor
Photo of Whitney Longie
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sean Taudin Chabot