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Athletic Training - BS

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Eastern Washington University originally obtained CAAHEP accreditation for the athletic training curriculum program in October 2002.  The program went through the process of CAATE (Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education) re-accreditation during the 2007-2008 academic year.  The next comprehensive review will occur during the 2017-2018 academic year.  This accreditation is also reviewed annually.


This major is designed for those students who are interested in becoming certified athletic trainers. This major will prepare students to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) for the Athletic Trainer Examination, and work competently in the field of athletic training and sports medicine. Students must apply and be accepted into the Athletic Training Program. Admission to the program is based upon evaluation of the student's application materials.

Athletic Training is a tough, yet thoroughly rewarding career path.  Once you enter the program you are quickly thrown into the mix.  Need help?  Your classmates and students from other years are always there for you.  New students are welcomed at the end of Spring Quarter the year before they officially start the program.

You will meet your new classmates at a barbecue and are assigned upperclassmen "Buddies" to help guide you through your first year.  We also say goodbye to our graduating class at this barbeque, and share stories and a few laughs about our experiences.

Outside of our classes and clinical work, we also run the Athletic Training Club, which functions as a way for us to reach out to our community, strengthen our friendships, and fund our trips to the NATA District 10 Conference.

Our program's average pass rate over the last three years has been 100% for all individuals who took the exam.  85% passed it on the first attempt.  Board of Certification Pass Rates:  2011-2017

Our unique clinical experiences allow our students to find a good fit for their future career:

  • Eight (8) sports onsite, including a high-performing football program and opportunities to travel with a team
  • Five (5) high school clinical sites
  • North Idaho College, a small-college environment
  • Opportunities with the Spokane Chiefs Hockey Team and the Spokane Shock AFL Team
  • First-year Students complete a general medical rotation designed to expose them to other professions in sports medicine

We believe we have an up-to-date, comprehensive and exciting program to offer you.

If you have questions or want to setup an advising appointment, please feel free to contact Garth Babcock, program director, 509.359.2427,, or the PEHR Department, PEB 200, Cheney, WA 99004-2431.





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Athletic Training Students

Our Work is Never Done!



What will I study?

The major welcomes both current and transfer students, and generally requires three years to complete. If specific prerequisites are met, however, the program can be completed within a two-year time frame. Students wishing to be admitted must apply and be accepted in to the Athletic Training Program. Applications are due at the end of the winter quarter. Students in the program will receive formal instruction and clinical practice in development of proficiencies in: risk management and injury prevention, pathology of injuries and illnesses, assessment and evaluation, acute care of injury and illness, pharmacology, therapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercise, general medical conditions and disabilities, nutritional aspects of injury and illness, psychosocial intervention and referral, health care administration, and professional development and responsibilities.

Program Curriculum


EWU Athletic Training Staff

What do current students say?

What is the best thing about the EWU Athletic Training Program?

"The best thing about the EWU Athletic Training Program is having your classmates turn into your family.  No matter what happens, there is always someone you can call for help.  We support each other no matter what."

"The atmosphere.  It definitely is a close-knit, family-like environment."

"I have been learning a lot of things.  It is not just about athletic training.  I have been learning things for my life."

"Constantly pushes you to your breaking point but doesn't actually let you break."

"The best thing about the EWU Athletic Training Program is the amount of hands-on time you receive and the amount of support that is given to each individual."

Why did you choose EWU?

"I chose EWU because I love the campus and everything it offers.  The first time I saw Eastern was for the Seattle Seahawks Training Camp that used to be here and found out they offered my profession, and I knew this is where I wanted to go to college."

"I chose Eastern because of its small, beautiful campus, and its cost."

"Because EWU has one of the best AT programs in the state, and I loved how open and friendly everyone was to me, even though I hadn't even applied yet!"

Why did you choose to study Athletic Training?

"I chose to study Athletic Training because I love working with sports, and I have always wanted to work in the Health Care field.  It is a lot of fun being part of the team behind the team."

"I chose to study athletic training because I love to see athletes perform to the best of their abilities and as athletic trainers, we get to help with that process."

"Because the moment I understood that athletic training was an actual major, I fell in love with it.  Simple as that."


What could I do with my degree?

  • Opportunities for employment exist in but are not limited to:
  • sports medicine clinics
  • hospitals
  • high schools
  • health clubs
  • corporate fitness
  • professional and non-professional athletic teams
  • Opportunities also exist in colleges and universities for those who elect to continue beyond the bachelor's degree level of education.
  • military
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