Management Information Systems

About Us

Management Information Systems prepares students to design, implement, and manage business information systems. Our programs provide a background in the software for mainframe and microcomputers, database systems, and systems analysis and design. The person who understands and manages information systems play a pivotal role in the success of any enterprise.

Why Study Management Information Systems at Eastern?

Our department is committed to excellence and student success.

Affordable Education

You don't have to sacrifice quality to get an education you can afford.

Small Class Sizes

Most classes are limited to 15-25 students, which allows professors to devote time to individual students.

Excellent Job Opportunities

Our graduates have a great record of finding employment soon after graduation.

You Will Learn to:

  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills in a business context, which usually involves non-technical departments and users
  • Understand business domain knowledge
  • Acquire MIS technical skills
  • Demonstrate problem-solving abilities by applying MIS technical skills
  • Demonstrate MIS project development skills through systems analysis and design and demonstrate MIS/IT project management skills and team skills
Our graduates have been employed by large technical corporations such as Microsoft and EDS, by large government contractors, including SAIC and Boeing, and by government offices like the Defense Logistic Agency, as well as smaller local firms.

Careers in Management Information Systems

Earning a degree or minor in management information systems from Eastern leads to many career opportunities:

Computer Systems Analyst

Information Security Manager

Software Developer

Technical Support Specialist

Web Developer