Case-by-Case Policy

UPDATE 4/9/2024

The CBC committee along with the council and support of EWU’s legal department has been diligent about developing a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable policy.

Until a new policy can be drafted and approved, the CBC committee will not be considering exceptions for the indefinite future. All students will be required to pass necessary content examinations before beginning student teaching according to our current SOE policies.

We will, however, continue to meet to determine how to identify students that may need support earlier in the process, connect them with appropriate advising personnel, and ensure they are applying for any necessary accommodations through Pearson.

We appreciate your support as we navigate this difficult process, and we will provide updates as they develop.


Testing Accommodations

Testing anxiety and testing environment are not eligible for case-by-case review.

If you require testing accommodations, it is your responsibility to apply and access alternative testing arrangements with Pearson (the testing administrator).

Apply for Accommodations

Frequently Asked Questions

Email so we can help assist you in finding a successful path to earning your certification.



No, Case-by-Case exceptions are limited to those who complete teacher preparation at EWU.

Test only add-on endorsements are not eligible for case-by-case exceptions.

Generally, candidates earn their certificate through Washington State and then apply for certification in the state in which they want to teach. Many states have reciprocity once a certificate is awarded. It is important that you check the requirements for certification in the state you plan to teach.

EWU personnel who have access to the E-certification system and the case-by-case committee reviewing the application, School Districts in Washington State, and those collecting and maintaining data for mandatory reporting to the state.