School of Education Certification

The Certification Office provides assistance and services to Eastern Washington University students and alumni of all educator preparation programs.

Please search the drop-downs provided below for frequently sought information. If you are in need of additional assistance, please Contact Jill Stinson or Margarita Vera (scroll down for contact information).

Frequently Requested Information

Program + Test

Consult with your college/university for advice on requirements. Methods, field experience/internship, and subject matter credit hour requirements* are as follows:

  • Methods course(s) — Certificated teachers are required to complete related methods coursework in the desired endorsement area.
  • Field experience/internship — For at least one endorsement area, certificated teachers are required to complete a supervised practicum which includes teaching in the specific endorsement area. For additional endorsement areas, the college will determine whether to require a field experience/internship, and the extent of that internship.
  • Complete appropriate content area testing — The WEST-E/NES or an alternative approved through PESB.

The endorsements offered at EWU that are eligible to be added through a program + testing are as follows:

  • Elementary Education — NES
  • Special Education — West-E
  • Early Childhood Education — NES
  • Early Childhood Special Education — West-E
  • Health & Fitness — West-E
  • Reading — NES
  • English Language Learner — West-E
  • Business & Marketing — NES
  • Bilingual Education — West-E
  • Library Media — West-E

**Individuals who hold ELL or Bilingual may add the other endorsement via testing only.


  • Communicate with appropriate advisor to establish a program plan (for information on content-specific endorsements, please contact the content department advisor)
  • Successfully complete coursework according to program plan
  • Pass corresponding content test(s) and be sure to select EWU as an official score recipient
  • Do NOT apply for your endorsement until you have been contacted by the Certification Officer with instructions. Once you have received notification that you have been recommended, you will submit the application through OSPI’s E-Certification system. OSPI no longer utilizes paper forms for recommendations.
  • Please contact Certification Officer with questions.

Test Only

Must pass a WEST-E/NES test or an alternative approved through the PESB for the desired endorsement. The endorsements eligible to be added through testing only are as follows:

  • Biology — NES
  • Chemistry — NES
  • Choral Music — West-E
  • Computer Science — NES
  • Dance — West-E
  • Earth & Space Science — NES
  • English Language Arts — NES
  • General Music — NES
  • History — West-E
  • Instrumental Music — West-E
  • Mathematics — NES
  • Middle Level Humanities — West-E
  • Middle Level Mathematics — NES
  • Middle Level Science — NES
  • Physics — NES
  • Science — NES
  • Social Studies — West-E
  • Theatre Arts — West-E
  • Traffic Safety — West-E
  • Visual Arts — NES
  • Designated World Languages — West-E plus ACTFL (both OPI and WPT)

**Individuals who hold ELL or Bilingual may add the other endorsement via testing only.


  • Complete required testing and submit APPLICATION online through your E-Certification account.

Washington State law requires educator certificate program candidates to be fingerprinted for a record check through the Washington State Patrol (WSP) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

For students planning to complete this process through the EWU campus police, the cost of this record check approximately $70.00, payable either at Student Financial Services  (cash or check) in Sutton Hall or online. Please send a copy of your receipt to Margarita Vera in the Certification Office at Before scheduling an appointment students must obtain the required form from Margarita Vera in Williamson 312. Fingerprinting cannot be completed without this form. To schedule an appointment time, please call campus police at (509) 359-6498.

Click here for alternative locations/options for fingerprinting.

Fingerprint clearance will expire after two years. It is your responsibility to repeat the fingerprinting process at least two months before the expiration date to ensure your clearance remains valid until you are recommended for certification. Fingerprint clearance is a requirement for all field experiences and certification. You can be postponed or removed from a class that includes field experiences or an internship if your fingerprint clearance lapses.

Please contact the EWU Certification Office via email at if you have questions.

Pre-residency Clearance Application

In addition to fingerprinting, the second component of clearance involves establishing pre-residency clearance through OSPIs e-Certification system. In order to do so, you must first create an account at the following link:

Once you have created your account, it takes OSPI 24-hours to make the application list available to you. You will therefore need to log back in after 24-hours to complete the pre-residency clearance application process.

For additional instructions on setting up an account, as well as user guides, use the links below:

While you can apply for pre-residency clearance before being fingerprinted, your pre-residency clearance application cannot be approved until you have valid fingerprinting clearance on file. Like fingerprinting clearance, pre-residency clearance is only valid for two (2) years and may need to be renewed while you remain in the program.


The WEST-B or an equivalent basic skills test (as outlined below for the SAT/ACT) must be completed by each student before they can be admitted into the Education program. If SAT or ACT was taken, based on test date, you may be required to complete one or more sections of the West-B test. For more information on West-B testing, visit Pearson’s website:


  • Writing was added in 2005, no writing score will be accepted for SAT before 2005.
  • Reports prior to Oct 2004 will have “verbal” scores which are the critical reading scores. If the score reports are from Oct 1996 to Sept 2004, then the verbal scores are the same as the reading scores beyond 2004.
  • Oct 2004 and later score reports will have critical reading, mathematics and writing scores listed if the candidate took the tests.


  • Writing was added Feb 2005, no writing score will be accepted before Feb 2005.
  • Reading was added Oct 1989, no reading score will be accepted before Oct 1989.
  • Writing subsection was updated and a new version was administered Sept 2015.
  • Combined English/Writing Scores will NOT be accepted.

Approved Alternatives

If you took a basic skills test that is not listed above, please visit PESB’s website for a list of additional approved alternative tests.

All candidates in the Education program must complete their content testing by the end of the quarter prior to EDUC 427.

West-E & NES

Students in most Education programs will take either a West-E or NES test. The test subject areas and corresponding test codes can be found in the chart below. For more detailed information, please visit Pearson’s website here:


For candidates pursuing a world language endorsement, content testing requires both the Designated World Language West-E (code in table below), as well as the oral proficiency and written proficiency ACTFL tests. For more information on ACTFL testing, please visit the Modern Languages website here:

What is a passing score for each type of test?

  • WEST-E – Passing score is 240
  • NES – Passing score is 220
  • ACTFL – Passing rating for a World Language endorsement is Advanced Low or higher and passing rating for the Bilingual Education endorsement is Advanced Mid or higher

When will my scores arrive at Eastern?

  • WEST-E score reports come to EWU once per month. Please reference the table in the “Basic Skills” tab to find out when your scores will reach us.
  • NES score reports come to EWU two weeks after your test date.
  • ACTFL score reports come to EWU once per month.

Test Re-take Policies

  • For all West-E and NES endorsement tests, if you do not pass on your first attempt you must wait 30-days before you can retake.
  • For ACTFL endorsement tests, if you do not receive a passing rating on your first attempt you must wait 90-days before you can retake.

Accommodations Information

For candidates who wish to pursue accommodations for content testing based on learning or cognitive disability, a diagnosed disability or health condition, or for whom English is not a primary language, it is imperative to initiate the request through Pearson as soon as possible due to the additional time needed for resolution to the process. Please note that, while Pearson indicates that resolution will typically occur within 3 weeks, it is not uncommon for the process to take more than a month and even up to several months, depending upon the documentation required.

Pearson will hold submitted documentation for up to one year; beginning the process early simply ensures that accommodations can be in place in advance of program deadlines. It is important to highlight that candidates will be held to ALL testing deadlines regardless of the resolution outcome with Pearson.

For more information on Pearson’s alternative testing arrangements, please visit their website at the following link: Requesting Alternative Testing Arrangements (

Content Test Subjects & Codes – West-E & NES

Subject Test Test Code
Art NES 503
Bilingual Education WEST-E 050
Biology NES 305
Business Education NES 309
Chemistry NES 306
Computer Science NES 315
Dance WEST-E 054
Designated World Languages WEST-E 100
Designated World Languages: Latin WEST-E 101
Early Childhood Education NES 101
Early Childhood Special Education WEST-E 071
Earth and Space Science NES 307
Elementary Education (Subtests I & II) NES 102/103
English Language Arts NES 301
English Language Learners WEST-E 051
Essential Components of Elementary Reading Instruction NES 104
General Science NES 311
Health/Fitness WEST-E 029
History WEST-E 027
Library Media WEST-E 042
Mathematics NES 304
Middle Grades General Science NES 204
Middle Grades Mathematics NES 203
Middle Level Humanities Subtests I & II (ELA, Reading, & Social Studies) WEST-E 052/053
Music NES 504
Music: Choral WEST-E 056
Music: Instrumental WEST-E 057
Physics NES 308
Social Studies WEST-E 028
Special Education WEST-E 070
Theatre Arts WEST-E 055
Traffic Safety WEST-E 043


In order to be permitted into EDUC 427/Winter EDUC 695 for MIT, the following requirements must be met by the corresponding deadline:
  • Attempted WEST-E and/or NES subject matter test in all areas seeking endorsement; quarter deadlines-November 30, March 1, May 31
  • Passing ACTFL ratings specific to World Language and Bilingual endorsements; quarter deadlines-November 30, March 1, May 31
In order to be permitted into full-time student teaching, the following requirements must be met by the corresponding deadline:
  • Passed WEST-E and/or NES subject matter test or been approved for the case-by-case exception in at least the primary area of endorsement; quarter deadlines-November 30, March 1, May 31

For candidates completing either the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership or the Master’s Certificate—Principal programs, please do NOT apply for your certificate until you have been contacted by the Certification Officer with notification of your recommendation.

Upon verification from the program of your successful completion of all requirements, the Certification Officer will submit your recommendation for the Residency First Issue Administrator certificate through OSPI’s E-certification system and will, at that time, email you at your EWU student email with instructions on how to complete the application. Applying before your recommendation has been submitted can delay the process.

Please note, that these instructions only apply to applicants who hold or have held a Washington State educational certificate. If you are an out-of-state candidate, please see the FAQ section below regarding reciprocity and/or contact the Certification Office for guidance.

Intern Substitute Certification 

The Intern Substitute Certificate authorizes the intern to substitute teach, only in the classroom to which assigned for student teaching. It is only valid for the duration of this student teaching experience and cannot be used thereafter. 

Eastern Washington University School of Education will approve an Intern Substitute Certificate for candidates who: 

  • Have completed all requirements outlined in the Intern Substitute Policy and signed and submitted the accompanying Policy Agreement Form to the Certification Office. 
  • Have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to serve as the sole teacher in the assigned classroom as determined by the EWU School of Education. 

School District Policy 

The school district must confirm support for the Intern Substitute Certificate by submitting a “District Request for Intern Substitute Certificate” to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) through the E-Certification system. In a very few cases the school district will not agree to submit the District Request. This means you will not be eligible for an Intern Substitute Certificate. Interns who are approved for the certificate will be employed by and must apply for employment with the school district. 

Intern Substitute Certificate Application Process

  1. Advise your principal, mentor teacher, and supervisor of your interest and request a confirmation of approval email be sent from your mentor to your assigned EWU supervisor. 
  2. Contact your school district Human Resources Office to ask for the District Request to be initiated. 
  3. Thoroughly read the EWU School of Education Intern Substitute Policy and email your signed Policy Agreement Form to Jill Stinson ( 
  4. The Certification office will determine if all requirements have been met for approval of the certificate. Approval is entered in your E-certification account and is required before OSPI will issue your Intern Substitute certificate. If not approved, you will be advised of the area(s) of concern. 
  5. Once your district has initiated the request for the Intern Substitute Certificate, you will log into your E-Certification account and click the link that reads, “Apply for Your District Request Here”. You will then complete the application and pay the corresponding certificate fee. 
  6. Please note that you may not serve until OSPI has issued your certificate. Application alone does not constitute permission to begin subbing. OSPI will notify you once your certificate has been issued, and it will post to your E-certification account for printing/viewing. 

Intern Substitute Checklist

  1. Complete a successful midterm meeting with your mentor and supervisor
  2. Complete and submit your PGP to your assigned supervisor
  3. Ensure school principal, mentor, and university supervisor support your readiness to serve as an Intern Substitute; Mentor should email university supervisor with statement of confirmation
  4. Contact your district’s Human Resource Department to inform them of intent to apply for the Intern Substitute certificate and complete any paperwork they require.
  5. District’s Human Resource Department will initiate a school request for the Intern Substitute certificate in E-cert
  6. Before EWU’s Certification Office will enter an approval in E-cert, the following must be received: an email from university supervisor confirming your readiness and mentor’s approval, all policy requirements must be met, signed Policy Agreement form emailed to the Certification Office at
  7. Apply for your Intern Substitute certificate through the district request on your E-certification account. You must wait until OSPI has issued your certificate before you can begin serving.

***Note: Do NOT apply for your Intern Substitute certificate until steps 1-6 of the checklist have been completed. If you apply prior to approval being entered in E-cert, OSPI will mark your application as deficient and will not issue your certificate.

Graduates of Eastern Washington University’s programs complete requirements to be recommended for certification or endorsement in the state of Washington. Except for Washington State, EWU has made no determination if this program will lead to licensure in your state or the state in which you are seeking licensure. Please reference the resources below to determine licensure requirements and/or transfer policies in your state.

The National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) have negotiated licensure reciprocity agreements among states. This means that if you earn licensure in Washington you may be able to gain licensure in your own state based on proof of a valid Washington license.

Important References

Certification for US States

Please note: requirements for licensure can change without notice, therefore it is important to contact your State Department of Education to confirm reciprocity with your state.

I finished student teaching. Is there anything I need to do now to receive my certificate?

  • It is a good idea, as you wrap up student teaching, to use this time to double-check your degree audit to ensure you have met all university and program requirements for graduation. If everything is in order, there will be nothing further you need to do at this point. If you have met all other program requirements, once your degree has posted, you will be eligible for recommendation for your residency teaching certificate. For questions/concerns about graduation and/or your degree, transcripts, etc. please visit Records and Registration’s directory at the following link:
  • Be patient. You will receive an email from the Certification Office regarding applying for your certificate once recommendation has been sent (see below). Do NOT try to apply for a certificate until you have received this email. Applying prior to recommendation will result in a deficiency statement on your account and may delay further processing.

On that note, when will I receive my certificate?

  • Understandably completing the program elicits a great deal of anticipation for starting your new career. However, program completion alone does not allow me to recommend you for your certificate. As soon as your degree posts to your transcripts (which can take several weeks), provided all other certification requirements have been met, I will send recommendation to the state for your teaching certificate through your E-certification account. After I send recommendation, you will then apply for your certificate by logging in to your E-certification account, clicking “View My Applications”, then “E-certification”, and then on your Home page, scroll down to access the link that reads, “Apply for Your College Recommendation Here”. This will lead you through the application step-by-step, finalizing with the payment of your certificate fee of $74.
  • Once your application is complete, OSPI will continue with the processing and issuance of your certificate, which generally occurs within four to six weeks following submission of your application. Districts can enter a rush request to OSPI for your certificate in the event that it is needed sooner. Please work with the district’s Human Resource office for this, as the university cannot facilitate district requests.
  • Because they are no longer mailing paper copies, once your “virtual” certificate has been issued, it can be immediately accessed for printing and/or district viewing through E-certification.

Can I start applying for jobs before my certificate is issued?

  • Absolutely! Many candidates may even receive a Letter of Intent or conditional job offer before having their certificate in hand. If an application asks for your certificate number, you can just enter “pending” until it has been officially issued.

I am planning to move to another state after completing the program here. How do I receive a certificate in that state?

  • Every state has their own specific requirements for certification. However, if you visit the Department of Education website for that state and search for information regarding certification for out-of-state applicants, you will generally find a form (often referred to as an Institutional Recommendation or Verification of Program Completion) that needs to be completed by the designated program official. EWU’s Certification Officer is the point-of-contact for these forms, so simply send the Certification Office an email or mail the form directly. Of course, there will be additional application materials needed, but the process is typically not overly complicated.

I received my certificate, but there is no expiration date listed. Is this an error?

  • Your Residency First Issue certificate will have an issue date but not an expiration date. It will remain valid until you have been reported as employed by a Washington school district as a teacher with 1.5 FTE or more experience. Part-time and quarter-time employment will count toward this 1.5 FTE but will obviously take more years to accumulate. For additional information on the Washington state certification timeline please visit OSPI’s website at:


If you have any further questions and/or concerns regarding certification, please feel free to contact me at:



Certification Personnel

Jill Stinson

Certification Officer
Williamson Hall 311E

Margarita Vera

Program Specialist 2
Williamson Hall 314A