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This page provides information for current and prospective Mentor Teachers.

A Bridge to the Community: Your Role as a Mentor Teacher

Field experience is crucial for the development of teaching skills and provides our candidates with the opportunity to experience their chosen profession under the guidance of a mentor teacher. The time and instruction offered by a mentor teacher is greatly appreciated by our department and is a cornerstone of a teacher candidate’s success in their training, with lasting impact once they have entered the field.


To provide a comprehensive and supportive environment for the teacher candidate as well as the mentor teacher, each candidate is assigned a field supervisor to work closely with them throughout their field experience until the end of student teaching. Field supervisors are responsible for observing the teacher candidate in the classroom (an increasing number of times per quarter as the teacher candidate progresses through their program). In addition, the field supervisor will complete formative and summative assessments of the teacher candidate’s performance, as well as assist the teacher candidate and mentor teacher with assessments each party will complete. The field supervisor will also help to facilitate communication between the teacher candidate and mentor teacher, or the mentor teacher and the Education Department.

Mentor Teacher Handbook


To be a mentor teacher, you must be a certified teacher and have been actively teaching for at least three years.

Being a mentor teacher is a rewarding pursuit as you help future teachers aspire to achieve their goals and have a lasting impact on the education of our community’s children. If you would like to become a mentor teacher, there are a few steps you will need to complete before a teacher candidate can be placed in your classroom.

  1. You must meet the WAC mandate that a mentor teacher hold a teaching certificate and have at least three years of active teaching experience.
  2. Speak with your school principal and discuss your interest in becoming a mentor teacher; your school principal will be asked to make a recommendation on your behalf.
  3. Review testimonies from mentor teachers who have work with our department and teacher candidates.
  4. Connect with the Office of Field Experience at 509.359.2232 or

Clock Hour Questions

Mentor teachers and principals will be sent the clock hour form each quarter to complete and return via email. It will then be signed and emailed back.

If you have not received a clock hour form to complete, please email Stephanie Lauritzen

Mentors and principals earn 10 clock hours per quarter per candidate for a maximum of 30 clock hours per academic year.

Office of Field Experience

Office of Field Experience