Faculty & Staff

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Kathryn Baldwin

Associate Professor
Photo of Kathryn Baldwin
Williamson Hall 315D

Melissa Bedford

Assistant Director, School of Education, Assistant Professor
Photo of Melissa Bedford
Williamson Hall 313C

Stephanie Boughter

Education Field Supervisor
Photo of Stephanie Boughter
Martin Hall 211B

Annette Clark

Administrative Assistant IV
Photo of Annette Clark
Williamson Hall 302

Karene Duffy

Director - CTE & Educational Leadership
Williamson Hall 312B

Lori Falcon

Transition to Teaching Program Director
Williamson Hall 315C

Clive Gary

Field Experience Supervisor
Photo of Clive Gary
Martin Hall 213

Rebekah Gorski

Program Specialist 2
Williamson Hall 310C

Tara Haskins

Literacy Professor
Photo of Tara Haskins
Williamson Hall 318B

Suzie Henning

Associate Professor, Foundations
Photo of Suzie Henning
Williamson Hall 311D

Rosa Hewett

Early Childhood Education Lecturer
Photo of Rosa Hewett
Williamson Hall 314C

Eliza Jex

Undergraduate Director, Assistant Professor
Photo of Eliza Jex
Williamson Hall 316B

Jan-Olov Johansson

Director of Assessment
Photo of Jan-Olov Johansson
Williamson Hall 218

Kerry Kisinger

Assistant Professor
Photo of Kerry Kisinger
Williamson Hall 316C

Stephanie Lauritzen

Director of Field Experience
Williamson Hall 310B

Bethany Leonard

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Bethany Leonard
Martin Hall 213

Ashley Lepisi

Literacy Lecturer
Photo of Ashley Lepisi
Williamson Hall 318C

Jennifer Lutey

Undergraduate Advisor
Williamson Hall 310D

Sue Magyar, EdD

Degree Completion Coordinator
College of Professional Programs
Photo of Sue Magyar, EdD

Pronouns: She/Her

Sam Matthai

Early Childhood Education Lecturer
Williamson Hall 314E

Jerrin Mauga

Office Assistant 3
Williamson Hall 312

Gus Nollmeyer

Associate Professor
Photo of Gus Nollmeyer
Williamson Hall 315B

Lance Potter

Associate Professor
Photo of Lance Potter
Williamson Hall 311B

Russell Pounds

Graduate Program Coordinator
Williamson Hall 313E

Janice Sahagian

Field Experience Supervisor
Photo of Janice Sahagian
Martin Hall 213

Mikyla Sears

CTE Program Coordinator
Williamson Hall 312C

Shelly Shaffer

Director, School of Education, Associate Professor
Photo of Shelly Shaffer
Williamson Hall 313D

Heather Shelley

Program Coordinator
Photo of Heather Shelley
Williamson Hall 315E

Jill Stinson

Certification Officer
Williamson Hall 311E

Donita Torres

Assistant Professor
Photo of Donita Torres
Williamson Hall 314D

Ann Van Wig

Associate Professor
Photo of Ann Van Wig
Williamson Hall 313B

Colleen Vandenboom

Graduate Director
Williamson Hall 317B

Margarita Vera

Program Specialist 2
Photo of Margarita Vera
Williamson Hall 314A

Kathleen Waldron-Soler

Photo of Kathleen Waldron-Soler
Williamson Hall 316D

Jiawen Wang

Assistant Professor
Photo of Jiawen Wang
Williamson Hall 311C

Christi Wavada

Program Specialist 2
Williamson Hall 317A

Jeff Wieck

Program Coordinator – Educational Leadership and Principal Certificates
Photo of Jeff Wieck
Williamson Hall 312D

Lin Zhu

Assistant Professor
Williamson Hall 314B