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Beta Alpha Psi logoBeta Alpha Psi is an international honor organization for financial information students and professionals.

The purpose of Beta Alpha Psi is to:

  • recognize outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting, finance, and information systems;
  • promote the study and practice of professional fields related to these disciplines;
  • provide opportunities for self-development and association among members and practicing financial professionals;
  • encourage a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibilities.

Membership is open to all EWU undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate students with an interest in accounting, finance, or information systems.

About Beta Alpha Psi

Founded in 1919, Beta Alpha Psi is an honor organization for financial information students and professionals. There are over 300 chapters on college and university campuses with over 300,000 members initiated since Beta Alpha Psi’s formation. All of our chapters are AACSB and/or EQUIS accredited. We are not a fraternity or sorority but an honors organization.


Beta Alpha Psi will shape the financial and business information professions by developing members into ethical, professional, and confident leaders.


The mission of Beta Alpha Psi, the premier international honor and service organization for financial and business information students and professionals, is to inspire and support excellence by:

  • encouraging the study and practice of accountancy, finance, and information systems;
  • providing opportunities for service, professional development, and interaction among members and financial professionals; and
  • fostering lifelong ethical, social, and public responsibilities.
Student next to a poster presentation

Steps to Become a "Candidate" Member

To meet this requirement, you do not need to have declared a major in Professional Accounting, Finance, or MIS.

Use EWU Marketplace to access the payment portal and pay your $75 initiation fee.

Upon clicking the link select “Club Dues” then “Beta Alpha PSI Dues”.

All BAP members are “candidate” members until they complete the requirements to become a full member.

Undeclared students are encouraged to become “candidate” members to begin learning from and networking with professionals in financial information fields.

Steps to Become a "Full" Member

RSVP through EagleSync for any BAP professional event. Contact for any assistance.

RSVP through EagleSync for any BAP community service event. Contact for any assistance.

Use EWU Marketplace to access the payment portal and pay your quarterly dues ($20 per quarter).

Employers view membership in Beta Alpha Psi as a highly attractive quality when reviewing potential job candidates. Until you complete the requirements to become a “full” member, you will not be eligible to list membership in Beta Alpha Psi on your resume or LinkedIn. Additionally, you will not be eligible to become an alumni member.

Membership Benefits

Beta Alpha Psi is recognized and respected by the business community as a premier collegiate organization. The reputation of Beta Alpha Psi can open doors to outstanding career opportunities in the fields of finance, accounting and information systems. Potential employers know that when they see Beta Alpha Psi on a resume, they are getting the best!

As a member of Beta Alpha Psi, you will have ongoing opportunities to participate in campus and community service activities. Service activities include participating in fund raising projects for charity, voluntary tutoring and assisting in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.

Through numerous chances to make presentations at local high schools and introductory college classes, as well as at annual and regional meetings, Beta Alpha Psi members will develop strong communication skills.

Academic excellence is not only welcomed, it is expected. Beta Alpha Psi requires its members to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.

At many chapters, each Beta Alpha Psi member has a mentor. In the mentor program, Beta Alpha Psi alumni are assigned to new members and pledges, so you can benefit from their experience and advice. Their support can also help you maintain a high level of academic achievement. The Beta Alpha Psi mentor program ensures someone will always be there for you throughout your college career — and beyond.

Membership in Beta Alpha Psi is a wonderful and rewarding way to meet like-minded people who share many of the same goals and interests that you do.

Members are also able to develop professional friendships and relationships through various networking activities. These include field trips to companies and firms, attending joint meetings with professional organizations, and service activities.

Overall, Beta Alpha Psi is a tremendous way to interact with professionals and future professionals from whom you may later wish to seek employment. It is also a great way to develop strategic contacts and relationships with faculty members who can provide good potential job sources and references.

Current BAP Officers

for the 2019-2020 academic year
Photo of Candy Stutzke

Candy Stutzke

Chapter President
Photo of Candy Stutzke
Photo of Julia Tyutyunnik

Julia Tyutyunnik

Chapter Vice President of Membership
Photo of Julia Tyutyunnik
Photo of Mina Buckley

Mina Buckley

Chapter Vice President of Events
Photo of Mina Buckley
Photo of Shea Bryan

Shea Bryan

Chapter Secretary
Photo of Shea Bryan
Photo of Peyton Gibbs

Peyton Gibbs

Chapter Treasurer
Photo of Peyton Gibbs

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