Steps to Apply
to become an Educator

Application Process

Getting ready to become a teacher is a noble adventure, and we're excited to help you through the application process. It all starts by saying you want to apply! Let's begin this journey together and get you started on making a difference in education!


Declare Your Intent to Apply

  • Meet with your academic CAAR advisor.
    • Review the prerequisites here
    • Review the course prerequisites here
  • After orientation, you’ll be invited to dive into Canvas for the next steps. You must be an admitted student to access Canvas. Transfer students should apply to EWU first.
  • Please note, that this form is not your official application to the Education program.

Don’t Miss the Deadlines:

  • Elementary: April 1 (Fall), October 1 (Winter), January 10 (Spring)
  • Early Childhood Education: April 1 (Fall), January 10 (Spring)
  • Secondary: January 10 (Fall), October 1 (Spring)

Fill Out the Intent to Apply Form


Attend the In-Person Orientation

  • Orientation happens in the first week of your application quarter. For example, secondary students may apply in the winter to start in the spring, but would still attend for the winter session.
  • Look out for an invitation with all the details – date, time, and location.
  • We’ll cover admission, and certification requirements, and share insights on field experiences.
  • Plus, you’ll receive a School of Education Handbook to review.

Complete the Education Canvas Course

  • After the orientation buzz, you’ll get an invite to join our Canvas Course.
  • You’ll then have a two week time period to complete the following:
    • Confirming your understanding of the handbook.
    • Declaring your major.
    • Formally applying to the education department.
    • Crafting an approved program plan with your assigned advisor.
    • Submitting proof of skills testing if applicable

Admission Decision

  • You’ll receive an admission decision in approximately two weeks.
  • If accepted, you’ll receive a letter welcoming you to our program.
  • If not accepted, don’t worry – you’ll get a letter with constructive feedback and steps for improvement.


For general information about the School of Education Department, please contact:

P: 509.359.2232