Eastern Online is an affordable option that allows you to study where you want, when you want.

Tuition Rates

With one of the lowest costs for tuition in Washington State, an online degree from EWU is an excellent value!

Online courses are offered in two ways, which affects the cost of tuition. Some courses are offered under the normal tuition rates, while others are offered at a per-credit cost that is not apart of the 10 to 18 credit full-time tuition rate.


Section 25

These courses are offered under normal tuition rates. Tuition is charged per-credit, up to 10 credits. Students can take 10 to 18 state-support credits for the 10-credit price. In-state resident and non-resident tuition rates apply.

Section 27-28

Students at the Cheney and Riverpoint campus (must be designated as such in EagleNET) taking a general online course will pay the normal tuition rates.

State-Support Tuition Rates


Section 75-80

Self-support courses have rates that depend on the type of course and student taking the course. Students who are considered online or off-campus students on EagleNET and students taking courses that are part of an online degree or certificate will be charged a per-credit tuition cost. Self-support tuition is not part of the 10 to 18 credit discounted tuition rate. Students in self-support courses are charged the in-state tuition rate.

Self-Support Tuition Rates

Is My Course State-Support or Self-Support?

  1. Login to EagleNET.
  2. Under the “Student” tab, select “Registration”.
  3. Select “Look Up Classes”.
  4. Select a term.
  5. Select a subject.
  6. Select “View Sections” for the course you are inquiring about.
  7. The “Attribute” column will list state-support or self-support funding.
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Please review the following costs of attendance that may apply:

  • All online courses have an online delivery fee of $35 per quarter credit ($52.50 per semester credit).
  • Other mandatory University fees.
  • Tuition payment is due by the sixth day of the quarter (the fifth day for summer) to avoid a late fee.
  • Some courses require proctored exams. Your instructor will note this in Canvas.
  • The cost of textbooks and/or supplemental instructional materials is not included in tuition.
  • Financial aid may be available to students who qualify. Please direct your inquiries to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.

Student Financial Services


All debts owed to EWU must be paid before any refund will be issued. All Federal Title IV financial aid recipients will be refunded at the rates established by the federal government.