WUE Tuition Rates

Western Undergraduate
Exchange (WUE)

The Western Undergraduate Exchange helps eligible undergraduate students from 16 participating western states and territories attend EWU with a lower cost of tuition.

MontanaNevadaNew Mexico
North DakotaOregonSouth Dakota
Mariana Islands (CNMI)Federal States of Micronesia

This academic year, the tuition savings for WUE recipients is nearly $15,000. That’s a huge benefit you can take advantage of.

EWU Tuition (Fees Not Included)$9,694$24,676

WUE Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship NameRequired Cumulative Unweighted High School GPAValueLength of ProgramApplication Deadline
WUE Scholarship3.85~$15,0004 years (12 quarters)March 1
Golden Eagle Scholarship3.55$13,0004 years (12 quarters)March 1
Silver Eagle Scholarship3.0$11,5004 years (12 quarters)March 1
Bronze Eagle Scholarship2.999 and below$9,0004 years (12 quarters)March 1

No, but EWU has a special awards program for transfer students from WUE states.

If you’re from a WUE state, you may be automatically eligible for the Transfer Eagle Scholarship which will annually reduce your non-resident tuition by $11,750.  Apply for EWU admission by February 1 for priority consideration.

The good news: there’s no separate WUE application. All you have to do is submit a completed EWU application for admission. Apply early! If you apply after March 1, WUE awards may not be available.

Visit ewu.edu/apply to complete your application for admission today.

WUE award letters are sent as soon as possible, usually within a few days of your admission.

Only admitted students receive WUE award letters. This means your application must be complete before we can send you a letter.

First, you’ll receive notice that you are being offered a WUE award to study at EWU. This isn’t junk mail! It’s critical that you sign and return an agreement stating you accept the WUE award and agree to follow its conditions, one of which is a commitment to live on campus your first year at EWU if you’re a freshman.

Be sure to contact us with your questions about campus living and WUE requirements.

When you receive WUE at EWU, it lasts for up to four years. Just make sure you’re in good academic standing (a.k.a. getting good grades) and making satisfactory progress toward your degree (a.k.a. taking the classes you need in order to graduate).

No, but you can use WUE for any number of credits during the regular academic year. Twelve or 20, it’s up to you.

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
102 Sutton Hall, Cheney, WA

Yep, and here it is:

Students who register as freshmen and receive WUE must live on campus their first year. WUE award recipients must maintain legal residence in a WUE state other than Washington. WUE recipients cannot use the time of their enrollment toward fulfilling Washington in-state residency requirements for tuition purposes.

All EWU academic programs are open to WUE students on a space-available basis.

Note: EWU’s WUE award does not apply to students admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at the Intercollegiate Nursing Alliance. All BSN students must apply for and receive aid through Washington State University. Requirements for the WUE program are maintained by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and are subject to change without notice.

Am I eligible for WUE?

You can use the EWU’s freshman scholarship calculator to see if you qualify for a full WUE award or if you qualify for other scholarships for out-of-state students.

If you can answer “yes” to these four questions, you may be eligible for WUE.

  • Are you a first-time college student?
  • Did you submit your admissions application to EWU by March 1?
  • Are you a resident of a WUE state?
  • Do you meet the GPA requirements?

Applying to and Affording College Should be Simple

We agree. At EWU, you can study in every program at WUE rates. (Only the last two years of the nursing program are ineligible for WUE.)