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Thank you for your support

Students at Eastern Washington University are starting something big, and the generosity of our alumni and friends provides opportunities to help make it happen. For our students. For our region. For the world.

You can be sure that your generous support will make a significant difference today in the life of the student who receives a scholarship through your gift. You will also be making a difference for years to come as EWU graduates commit themselves to impacting others in their careers of choice. Eastern students go on to big things in their respective communities as they serve in the roles of teachers, counselors, biologists, entrepreneurs and engineers.

You have the unique opportunity to rally in support of these fine young people in a time of need. Below you will be introduced to many of the students who will be impacted by your generosity, as well as several scholarship donors who were also motivated to make a difference.

  • Endowed scholarship may be established with a gift of $25,000 or more. Endowments may be funded with a one-time gift or over a five-year period. While the scholarship fund grows to the endowed level, it will earn interest, which is reinvested into the endowed fund. Once the scholarship is at the endowed level of $25,000, it will generate approximately $1,250 annually, which will be distributed per the donor's wishes. The beauty of endowing a scholarship is its lasting effect. An endowed fund will carry the name in perpetuity.
  • Another option is an annual scholarship, which may be established and named with a commitment of $5,000. This amount may be pledged over a five-year period ($1,000 for five years). The amount of the annual disbursement is determined by the donor's wishes. Provisions should be made to ensure that the distribution amount remains funded on an annual basis. Criteria for disbursement of the funds are set up through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) established by the donor and the EWU Foundation.
  • A smaller gift of any amount may be contributed toward funding a scholarship of your choice.

One hundred percent of the dollars given to this scholarship fund will go directly to student scholarships.

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